The Carbon Neutral Restaurant

Regional chain Bartaco has become one of the first restaurants to work with Green Places, a new company dedicated to offsetting carbon for the hospitality industry

Launched in July, Green Places’ mission is “to unlock sustainability for all businesses [with the belief] that every business has the power to make a difference”. The company partners with climate experts and channels research through simple tools for all businesses to change their carbon footprint. 

The process involves three main steps:

  1. The company begins by helping its clients, like Bartaco, calculate their carbon footprint using a formula developed by UC Berkeley. 
  2. Guided by environmental experts, Green Places then advises the client on how to shrink that footprint through sustainable improvements, such as changing lighting, integrating reclaimed materials in construction, and reducing overall waste. 
  3. The remaining footprint is then ‘offset’ through a company-advised investment portfolio involving carbon-offsetting projects including reforestation, clean energy, and carbon-removing technology. 

Each client receives quarterly reports about their investments, that they can then communicate to their customers. Bartaco is currently in Phase 2 of reducing carbon footprint through waste and tech integration. 

Green Places has grown exponentially and attracted a diversity of restaurants including local chains. Green Places targets smaller businesses that may not have the capacity to oversee carbon decreasing initiatives like national chains Starbucks and McDonald’s—which are just a few of those in the industry that have announced plans to make a greener transition. 

As the spending of younger demographics is shaped by trends of climate consciousness, more restaurants will benefit from managing their carbon footprints. 

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