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Quality Coffee is Important for Restaurants

It’s no lie that Americans are addicted to coffee. More than half of Americans over 18 drink coffee every day, and on average, those people are drinking at least three cups a day. As coffee consumption increases, so does a desire for unique, high quality, well-made coffee. Read on to learn more about how your restaurant can embrace this growing trend.

What Are Customers Looking For When It Comes To Coffee?

A cup of joe with breakfast or dessert is standard, and for many years, customers were happy with regular drip coffee. However, more than half of the coffee consumed today is classified as “gourmet.” The younger crowd is driving this trend, and as more options become available, it’s easy to get left behind. Most coffee is consumed outside the home, which means restaurants need to keep up with the growing demand.

Consumers are looking for specialized coffee drinks, like cold brew and espresso, and are also interested in where their coffee came from. People are becoming more aware of terms like “single-origin” and “fair-trade,” and are curious about the origin of their beans, and if harvesters were treated fairly. While this trend is good for coffee growers all over the world, it can create a little more work for restaurants. However, with the average cup of coffee selling for $2.70, it can be worth it to offer better quality coffee to your customers

How To Keep Up With The Growing Demand

Even if you aren’t selling hundreds of cups of coffee a day, you can still offer the best to your customers. Equipment like an espresso machine or a french press can deliver cups on demand – you don’t have to brew an entire pot and then leave it sitting out for hours until the next order comes in. This means you’ll be offering a fresh, delicious product every time. If you don’t sell a lot of coffee consider an automatic machine that won’t leave your staff flummoxed. If you have the demand though, consider investing in a manual espresso machine like a La Marzocco and spend the time training your key staff to use it. This is definitely the more time-intensive option but if you can justify it with demand it is the way to serve the very best coffee.

Choose the best bean you can afford, while keeping in mind that people are looking for gourmet options. And don’t skimp on the water either! Distilled water can leave the coffee tasting flat, while natural minerals can enhance the taste. Even though the purest water may sound like the best choice, it’s better to use good-tasting water with traces of minerals

Offering coffee at your restaurant can boost your business and keep your customers caffeinated and happy. It’s important to keep in mind the growing trends in the coffee industry, and stock up on those beans!

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