For the purpose of this agreement, the Parties have mutually agreed to the terms set forth below:

1. POS Integration. With support from the Operator, EMERGING shall configure an export tool to poll the POS system once per day to gather relevant data (“POS Data”) and send to servers. The export tool is read-only. It will not push any data to the POS system

1.2 Confidentially. EMERGING agrees to keep the POS Data confidential and hosted securely on EMERGING’s servers.

1.3 POS Information. EMERGING does not poll customer information of any kind, including credit card numbers, from the POS. For each transaction, EMERGING polls the server's name (nothing more), clock in/out information, and details about the transaction: item sold, price and time it was sold.

2. Locations. EMERGING agrees to service the locations as described in the Agreement.

3. Pricing. Operator agrees to program cost as indicated in the Agreement.

4. Intellectual Property. EMERGING will retain all rights over any and all intellectual property associated with the EMERGING platform.

5. Termination. Either party may terminate this Agreement, for any reason, one year from the effective start date of the program.


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