Why Change Will Keep Your Business Growing

There is comfort in returning to the same restaurant and getting your favorite dish. This comfort may or may not be enhanced by coming to the same restaurant and seeing the same broken floor tile in the bathroom or slowly watching paint chip from a bench you’ve been sitting on for the last 5 years.

Big renovations and changes can be costly and mean shutting down your business for a couple of days or even weeks (a restaurant owner’s nightmare), but ensuring that your menu is kept fresh and changing your décor and venue is important to keeping your customers interested and coming back.

The truth is that people want to take their friends to the hottest restaurants out there. Being on the edge of the newest trends, keeping a seasonal menu that is constantly evolving, and having something new to talk about each time a customer returns is important.

Here are 7 simple things you can do to keep your restaurant fresh and relevant:

  • Rotating art
  • Upgrades and paint jobs
  • Making repairs immediately
  • Daily specials (that actually change daily)
  • Get involved- Learn about specific trends concerning the industry, and implement them into your venture
  • Online presence- People love food photos, and it will only invigorate your business with followers
  • Pictures- Instagram is now more than ever is an important part of online restaurant presence.   


Word of warning – definitely not discouraging having a signature dish. But, encourage guests to try something new that they can enjoy in addition to their favorite food. That’s up-selling in its best form.



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