Using Analytics, Silverspot Selects Brookfield, Wisconsin for Midwest Expansion

Silverspot Cinema announced plans to open their first Midwest location at The Corners in Brookfield. The boutique theater shows both Independent and Hollywood films in an intimate setting paired with a variety of cocktails and food options. Owner Gonzalo Ulivi is a third-generation cinema operator whose family still operates cinemas in Venezuela.

Ulivi conceived Silverspot when he noticed a need in the US market. “US cinemas were in need of elevation, there was only one type of multi-plex to serve all types of demographics.” Ulivi and Silverspot have been ahead of the curve as high-end theaters have continued to become more popular in the states.

With three current locations in Florida: Naples, Coconut Creek and Miami (coming soon) as well as a location in Chapel Hill, NC; Silverspot is poised for growth. The decision to expand to the Midwest came at the end of an extensive search process utilizing Acutely, a company that uses a deep learning data intelligence model to determine core customers that influence site selection. By breaking out customers into VIP, Core, and Frequent Visitors, Acutely has helped Silverspot understand their target consumers. This understanding is used when evaluating potential new locations and allows them to come up with more accurate sales projections than have previously been possible. Mathew Focht, CEO at Acutely points out “When choosing a new location, you are making a multi-million-dollar decision. Making a mistake can be catastrophic so combining data intelligence with traditional real estate methods is essential.” Ulivi added that “Acutely has been instrumental in extracting relevant information from our customer data and helping to understand our consumers travel distance.”

The Corners at Brookfield is Silverspot’s next location, but Ulivi has no plans to stop there “We plan on continuing to expand, one unit per year.” Look for Silverspot to open at The Corners in Spring, 2019.



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