Tips to Increase your Profits on Super Bowl Sunday

As people across the nation prepare for Super Bowl Sunday, they are starting to look for the perfect place to watch the game or the best food to order in during the event. No matter where football fans are on Super Bowl Sunday, they’ll likely be spending money, a lot of it. The truth is, many Americans will eat and drink their weight in food and alcohol, which makes this day very lucrative for operators. And this is an event no establishment can afford to miss. Check out these tips to capitalize on Super Bowl Sunday this year.

  1. Offer Delivery and/or Takeout + Promotions

    This is a must. Offer delivery/takeout deals that are going to be hard to pass up. Even if this is normally not your jam, make it happen for Super Bowl Sunday. Also, if you are restaurant or a bar that offers food, ensure that you are running Super Bowl promotions. Do this by spreading the word on your social media pages, running ads in the paper and by posting flyers in your restaurant. Let consumers know about your Super Bowl promotions, loud and clear. Also, a great way to budget for Super Bowl Sunday, is to offer an additional discount for people who order at least a week in advance. This will allow you to schedule the proper employees and order enough food and materials.

  2. Offer Competitive Pricing and Cool Deals at your Establishment

    Get creative for the Super Bowl to get people into your establishment.  Many people prefer to throw their own Super Bowl Parties because it’s usually a lot cheaper, however, it is also a lot less convenient. Combine convenient and cheap to get large groups into your establishment. Set an appropriate price for items and still charge a small cover at the door. That cover can offset other promotions or discounts you offer during the game.

  3. Make the Menu Match the Game

    A cool idea for a promotion (and a great way to get customers in) is to offer a theme to your menu depending on the Super Bowl opponents. For example, if the Philadelphia Eagles make it to the Super Bowl, add Philly Cheesesteak to your menu, or incorporate them into a dish like Philly Cheese Steak Fries and try to get some local Philly beers on tap . Or if the Patriots make it to the Super Bowl, add New England clam chowder to the menu and offer a discount of Sam Adams beer. Getting creative with the menu will add that extra layover of Super Bowl fun and bring more customers into your establishment.

  4. Throw an After Party

    Many people aren’t ready to end their evenings after the Super Bowl game is over. It is estimated that 1.5 million Americans call in sick on the Monday after the Super Bowl and 4.4 million will come into work late because they partied super hard on Sunday night. These are the people that will be looking for places to go and spend their money after the game. Offer post game drink specials to both keep the customers you already have in your establishment and to attract new customers looking to continue their Super Bowl fun.  

Use these tips to get the most out of Super Bowl Sunday, and don’t forget to plan ahead.



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