Three Key Reasons you Should Thoroughly Train Your Employees

When you’re in a pinch and you need to hire some new employees and get them on the floor as soon as possible it can be tempting to rush through the training process and turn to the “learning on the job” philosophy. While it may seem like the answer to the current issue is getting the new employee(s) out and on the floor immediately it is actually to your benefit to hold off those extra handful of days to make sure they are trained properly and thoroughly.

The training process should last at least a full week and both you and the new employee should feel satisfied with their training and confident in their ability to be out on the floor on their own. This will ensure as smooth a transition as possible!

There is of course an element of learning on the job but in order to do that the training process needs to be comprehensive and completed in full. Below are the three key reasons why it’s imperative to train your employees thoroughly and how you can do so effectively.

  1. To guests, new employees are the face of the restaurant just as much as senior ones

Aside from a new staff member maybe being a little less knowledgeable or a bit nervous, a guest has NO clue that they are new to the team. This is why it’s important to bring your new employees through a comprehensive training process so that they fully understand what they need to do and are ready to represent the business fully. 

  1. The tone for work ethic is set and values are instilled early

Rushing through training or cutting corners is a sign to new employees that it’s okay for them to rush through the job and cut corners in their position. While they might not know what you’re skipping or that you’re rushing through, it will become apparent when they get on the floor and are not sure what to do. It takes at least a full week to begin to instill the company’s values and let questions and situations come up naturally for the new employees to experience. Show them rather than tell them!

  1. Understanding how to do more things makes their job and your job easier

When your employees know how to do more things within the restaurant then they are a stronger all-around part of the team and it makes them feel even more valued. Some examples include knowing how to answer the phone and how the reservation system works, knowing how to run food, knowing bartending basics, knowing the menu inside and out including allergy awareness, etc. The more they know they more of an asset they are to you and the more successful they will be.

Don’t be tempted to rush through on-boarding a new employee. Training is the most important time to instill your companies culture, values, vision and operations onto a new hire that will last the duration of their tenure. It is also a great time to get to know them better as an individual so you can ensure they fit well on your team. Making new hires feel invested in, will increase your employee retention reducing turnover costs – it is a golden opportunity, don’t waste it. 



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