Rethink Citrus & give your Bar Menu a Contemporary Edge

You may have seen them on menus around your city. It’s that slight twinge of sour on your tongue, gently cleaning the slathers of fat that once dominated your palate with flavor. Step aside lemons and limes. There’s some new citrus in town.

In order to keep up with contemporary dining, there is a definite need to embrace acidic fruit from other parts of the world.

Looking to Asia specifically, yuzu, kumquats, as well as calamansi have been integral in cooking for centuries. With most fine-dining menus taking strong inspiration from Japan and Asian flavors and techniques, the trio has been nothing short of a staple in this style of cooking.

These ingredients may be worth considering on any menu. They can take the place of lemon or lime juice, adding acidity into various cocktails with a unique twist on classics.

Below are a few uniquely tasty cocktail concoctions to give your business the contemporary edge for success.

  1. Sparkling Yuzu Gimlets
  2. Calamansi Spritzer
  3. Kumquat Whiskey Sour



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