Matcha…The Year-Round Pumpkin Spice

Matcha By Way of Tokyo

Tokyo food culture is deep. I experienced it first-hand. Whether it was venturing through Tsukiji Fish Market, or downing a bowl of ramen at 2 a.m., I was nearly always satisfied. I even found my new favorite drink. You could say that matcha, a grassy, sweet, green velvet-like tea, is the pumpkin spice of Japan…and you wouldn’t be wrong. Its influence has spread to the states in recent years, creating a new demand for a truly sensational product.


The Invasion

Matcha has been flying over in the form of ice cream and tea cakes. Even Starbucks has taken control of the trend, dishing out a green matcha latte for the masses. With many different flavors of the tea, it could transform into a whole new coffee culture, one catering both to a large market as well as smaller niche clientele. Taking all of this into consideration, as business model, this is a grand opportunity. Even Drake has begun investing in the trend- via a hip, new matcha concept entitled MatchaBar. Based on sales trajectory, his net-worth could jump to as much as 90 million in the next year due to this acquisition. This proves that the market is begging for more matcha concepts, be it additions to restaurant menus or to flavored items in grocery stores. The possibilities seem endless with the product. I have personally used it in both sweet and savory instances, and both have lended a nice earthiness to recipes.


The Days Of Just Green Tea Are Over. Hop On The Trend.

Honestly, if you’re a Japanese concept or a restaurant with a tea program and you don’t have a matcha option, you’re behind. By hitting the ground running with a plethora of wholesale providers such as AOI, Jade Leaf, or Aiya, there has never been a better time to take control of the trend. Trust me, it’ll make you money.



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