Impactful POS Technology

The secret recipe to success in the restaurant industry is not just serving great tasting food. It’s also about keeping food, labor and other costs under control, as well as maintaining a productive workforce to maximize profitability. Fortunately, with innovative POS technologies like online ordering and tableside tablets, you don’t have to be a financial wizard to improve your bottom line.


Online Menu Ordering

According to Pew Research, nearly 75 percent of the U.S. population is online daily, so it’s not surprising that one of the fastest growing restaurant trends is the integration of online menu ordering with their POS, website and mobile apps. Restaurants have found that implementing this innovative technology has significantly improved the customer experience, reduced costly errors and increased revenue.

When a customer chooses their menu items and places an order either through the website or a mobile app their order goes directly into the restaurant POS system without the need for manual entry. This allows the restaurant staff to spend more of their time actually serving the customer. Also, customers are much happier and more likely to return when their order is ready when they arrive and delivered without mistakes.


Tableside Tablets

Perhaps, one of the most innovative POS technologies is the tableside kiosk. Fast casual chain “Chili’s” was one of the first to implement secure tablet devices at every table in the restaurant with great success. In fact, a survey by Software Advice found that 88 percent of restaurant patrons actually prefer to self-order at the table. When a customer places an order through the tablet, it is sent directly to a POS terminal in the kitchen. Customers spend less time ordering, waiting at the table for their check to arrive and paying the tab at the end of the meal.

Diners also tend to order more menu items from a tablet. There are fewer ordering errors, and the restaurant can turn tables faster. Genghis Grill, a Dallas-based restaurant chain noticed a more than 25 percent increase in revenue after implementing this innovative technology. Many restaurants have also reported increased participation in loyalty programs and higher customer satisfaction ratings.

Innovative POS technology is not just for fast casual or quick service restaurants. Even fine dining restaurants are using innovative technology like online reservations to improve the customer experience.

From online ordering to food prep to cost control, innovative POS technology is revolutionizing the restaurant industry. And when used effectively it can make a huge impact on your restaurant.



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