How Using Premium Ingredients Can Boost Menu Items

Without a doubt, quality ingredients will make or break your favorite dish.

Today’s definition and expectations of quality are determined by the contemporary consumer. There has never been a time in history where consumers have been more engaged with what their eating than today. With the burst of social eating and “foodies”, consumers now have more access to information concerning food and drink and food production than ever before. As a result, more and more operators are boosting their culinary creativity to create menus that stand out above the competition. As restauranteurs, it’s time to take advantage of these refined palates.

One of the more frequent ways that operators are distinguishing menus is by adding premium, high-quality ingredients. Ingredients are considered premium based on several factors:

First off, their freshness. Consumers love to enjoy the authentic wholesomeness of fresh, high quality ingredients. Fresh foods give a vivid, lively experience. And of course, the fresher the product, the better it’s going to taste.

Second, the guarantee that the best products are being brought to the table. Whether that be parmesan from Italy, spices directly from Morocco, or eggs from your neighborhood farm. Without the best ingredients possible, menu items won’t live up to their potential.

Third, in addition to premium taste profiles, restaurant goers usually expect unique preparations and traditional seasoning blends. And because of this, they want authentic premium ingredients to be used at whatever cost, even if that cost is more than their wedding dress.

As our palates become more sophisticated and diverse, consumers increasingly strive for premium quality foods. The idea of a premium product incorporates the full transparency of how it’s made, when it’s made, and the people who are actually making it. This is what resonates with consumers the most. Perhaps most importantly, people will take out a second mortgage for better ingredients. They will pay for that $500 dollar piece of A-5 Wagyu…trust me. They want to. With the redefinition of high quality products playing out in today’s food culture, it is essential to incorporate premium ingredients onto your menu. 


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