Events & Collaborations: Boost Business During Colder Months

As we start to inch closer to colder weather it’s time to start planning fun indoor activities for your restaurant. How do we keep the lighthearted fun of summertime with guests pouring through the doors as we move towards fall and then winter? Now is the time to start thinking about and planning fun events and collaborations to host at your restaurant during the colder months to boost business and keep people in the spirit of summer fun.

Depending on the size and style of your space the possibilities for events could be endless. Here are just some of our favorite ideas for events and collaborations.

Beverage-Related Night

There are so many possibilities here. When people hear alcohol, they come. This could be a wine-tasting event, a craft beer night, a battle of the beers, a cocktail flight night, or any other theme mixed in and around alcohol (pun intended). You can have someone come in to collaborate with or you can host it on your own. It can be educational or purely for fun. You also might be able to get your alcohol supplier or brands to help sponsor the event with free product.

Game Night

Two options here – you can host a trivia or bingo night or something where a whole group is involved, or you can offer board and card games to guests for the night. Maybe you do a throwback night and offer games like Candyland and Chutes & Ladders. 

Football-Related Night

We all know that football rules fall and winter so why not capitalize on it?! Host a football night with themed food and drinks and maybe a special perk for wearing a football jersey. Host fantasy football draft parties and don’t forget to mark your calendar for the home teams games so you can staff and order accordingly!

Tiki Night

Help people forget it’s cold outside by decking your place out with blow up palm trees and flamingos, pass out leis, and offer tropical drinks for a fun tiki party or Luau. 

Date Night / Singles’ Night

People are always looking for great date night places so host a date night special menu or a singles’ night to encourage people to come and mingle. Preferably not on the same night! 

Halloween Costume Party

Let people feel like kids again with a Halloween costume party! Spice it up and turn it into a costume competition with a fun prize. Don’t forget the decorations and special menu items that will make the party complete. 

Ugly Sweater Contest

Everyone loves a good reason to wear their ugly sweater, so give them one! Host an ugly sweater party around the holidays with prizes and a lot of bad holiday music. Eggnog anyone?


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