Do Top Servers Effect Sales?

Your top servers can be the most valuable asset you have and working to keep them in your restaurant is important for your bottom line. In defining your top servers, you can take several things into account: the best upselling, most attentive, friendliest, best team player, as well as other measurements.

All of those things can actually have an impact on your sales, although some are easier to track than others. First, if your server is great at upselling, the effect on sales will be apparent. They will sell pricier items, which will add up over time and result in higher sales per shift, per hour, and per cover.

More attentive servers also sell. The server who is attentive when the drink starts to get low is going to get a second drink sale. Again, this will be directly reflected in their per shift, per hour and per cover sales numbers.

A friendly server builds regulars. They may build their own regulars, which is easy to notice and appreciate. They may also just be providing an overall experience that is so positive people want to come back. Unless you are fortunate enough to be managing one of the few restaurants that is already booked solid and full from open to close every day, more people returning means more revenue and sales. 

Being a great team player can also increase your sales. As with the friendliness, you may not directly see this reflected in their individual sales numbers. In fact, you probably won’t. A server who will eagerly run food or drinks to another server’s section can put product in front of diners more quickly. Diners may then finish their drink faster, and order another. Or you may turn the table more quickly.

Keeping your best servers is imperative, because their performance has a huge impact on sales. Some of that impact shows up easily in server sales numbers, some is harder to track but both add to your bottom line. Keeping your best staff engaged, happy, and appreciated will ensure they stay longer and continue to maximize your revenue. 



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