Beyond Restaurant Delivery: Why On-The-Go Ordering Is Sweeping The Industry

When a working “lunch” becomes less lunch and more work, it’s time to call in backup. Third party delivery apps and online ordering systems are becoming increasingly popular with today’s foodies. The convenience of takeout has always been a major draw for hangry customers, but with the ease of on-the-go ordering, restaurants are taking dining out to the next level.

A Changing Industry

The advent of takeout was punctuated by roller-skates and carhops. Times have changed with millennials eating out less and preferring convenience dining to sit down restaurants. Smartphones and online ordering are today’s drive thru. Third party delivery services are revolutionizing the restaurant industry and creating vast revenue potential.

Cafe Courier, Ritual, DoorDash, Freshii, and more operate via apps and online ordering systems that give consumers the flexibility to pre-order for pickup or have their order delivered directly to their home or office. Restaurants can be a part of this booming service for a small fee. According to QSR, consumers are busier than ever and the of on-the-go ordering trend will continue to rise in the coming year. 

The Benefits of Third-Party Delivery: Apps and online ordering offer a variety of consumer benefits (think discounts, rewards, etc.) that keep many diners coming back for seconds.

Flexibility: The ease of ordering anytime, anywhere means you’ll never miss lunch again! Modern diners enjoy the experience of a service that is custom tailored to meet their needs.

Health: The variety of restaurants available means that diners need not settle for burgers and fries. It’s easy to maintain a health-conscious diet with vegan, vegetarian, keto, and gluten-free options.

Choice: Customizing orders is easy with a few swipes and clicks. Viewing menus in advance saves time and diners enjoy the autonomy of ordering.

Fast: Third party services are able to deliver hot, fresh fare in a matter of minutes. No need to roll up to the window!

A Food Forward Future

The opportunity for expansion in the delivery field remains a constant. Business Insider reported that off-premise sales made up 44% of all restaurant sales, of which delivery accounted for 25%. With industry trends pointing towards a future in convenient, fast delivery options, now is the time to compare and invest in an internal or third-party system.


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