5 Father’s Day Promotional Ideas For Your Restaurant

Father’s Day is THIS Sunday in case you forgot (June 17)! Father’s Day will bring more than 50 million Americans into restaurants according to the National Restaurant Association. And it is the third most popular holiday for dining out.

It’s time for restaurateurs to start or finish preparing their promotional strategy for Father’s Day. Check out some of these ideas to bring Dad and his family into your establishment.

  1. Mystery Gift

Hand every Father a mystery envelope as they sit down with their families. Place different offers inside each one. Anything from a free dessert, or 10% off the entire bill!  You can even put in a voucher that is valid for the next month to bring in repeat customers!

  1. Dads Eat Free

This may sound like your typical promotion but it always works and it will attract families to your restaurant who were on the fence about dining out or where to dine out. If you are offering a free meal to Father’s and your competitor is not, you are almost guaranteed the traffic.  This promotion also shows your appreciation for Father’s in your community.  Customers remember this stuff and become returning customers after they have a great experience.

  1. Dad Joke Off

“Where can you get chicken broth in bulk? The stock market.”

That is a Dad joke. And even though they are so bad, people tend to love them. It’s a trend that just won’t stop! Use the Dad joke’s to your advantage and host a live Dad joke contest. Have Dad’s say their best Dad joke on a microphone and reward the 3 best jokes with a gift card to your establishment. By running a contest on Father’s Day, you’re creating an opportunity for excitement and a shareable event for your Social Media accounts.  

  1. Free Beer

What’s better than a free beer? Dad’s will surely appreciate a free beer on their special day.  Let them choose their favorite one and make sure Mom is the designated driver.

  1. Concert or live music

Bring in some live music or evening entertainment to attract the Father’s Day traffic. This will draw in your regular customers but also new ones that are looking to go out for Father’s Day.  It’s important to choose quality music or entertainment to ensure the atmosphere is great! The good vibes and larger crowd will bring in more money to cover the cost of the entertainment.

Share your favorite Father’s Day Promotions in the comments below!

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