4 Ways Wifi Makes Your Restaurant More Appealing

For restaurants looking for proven ways to increase profits with minimal investment, one of the very best of these types of ideas is to provide WiFi internet access to your customers.

As our society increasingly revolves around internet access, WiFi is one of those amenities that customers quickly take note of within minutes of entering your restaurant. Even with the prevalence of mobile data access, it’s still a boon to make sure customers have a way to get WiFi access. Here are three of the top reasons why WiFi makes your restaurant more appealing:

  1. Customers save on data fees. Some restaurants lock their local WiFi or remove the service entirely, on the premise that 4G mobile service is enough. This ignores the fact that these services are exponentially more expensive than traditional internet access. Customers often take a mental note of which places provide WiFi access, so they can freely use their smartphones without worrying about going over their monthly limit.
  2. Mobile reception is not consistent. Even in populated areas, not every major service has decent coverage in your restaurant’s location. One service might work perfectly, while two others are spotty at best. This can be a frustrating factor for some customers that you can mitigate by giving them the option to opt for your robust WiFi connection instead.
  3. It makes social media promotion a cinch. When your customers have easy WiFi access, they’ll have no qualms about taking pictures of their food, video of the great time they’re having with their friends, and more. Social media engagement is a crucial prong of any successful restaurant’s marketing strategy. WiFi access knocks down potential barriers between your great food and service and the customers who voluntarily promote them to their friends and family.
  4. It’s a great way to track your customers. Social media logins are an interesting option to replace the basic method of handing out passwords to customers. This allows customers to opt in to marketing dispatches from your restaurant at a glance, opening up a world of marketing opportunities. Pushing coupons, rotating specials, and special events information to customers who are willing to engage in this way creates new leads for repeat customers you might not have run into any other way.

Setting up a simple, low cost WiFi program is the perfect way to get customers to put your restaurant at the forefront of their mind when they decide where to eat, with potential benefits that more than cover the costs.


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