Want to Increase Customer Traffic? Use WiFi

Traditionally, strategies for getting customers to come a restaurant have included serving exceptional food and drink, offering great customer service, creating a comfortable environment, offering enticing discounts and creating memorable experiences. 

Those strategies still apply in the 21st century, but they’re not enough.

As the restaurant industry becomes increasingly reliant on technology, restaurateurs need to adapt and find new ways to drive customer traffic. One key to increasing such traffic is WiFi.

Guest WiFi Data Collection

Collecting and analyzing customer data has become a hallmark of modern business. From location technology to big data decision making, it seems like businesses can’t get enough data.

Restaurants in particular have benefited from increased data collection. For example, data collection has increased the competitiveness of the industry and thereby forced restaurant owners to rethink how they sell themselves to customers. This has led to a renewed focus on to-go sales and implementing open-book management styles in order to cater to new customers and retain top talent.

WiFi data collection can help level the playing field between small and larger businesses by giving each access to valuable customer information.

Here’s how it works. A WiFi enabled device gives off a specific signal, known as a MAC address, to WiFi access points. At the same time, WiFi access points constantly scan for other devices nearby. When one is found, the access point will add a device’s MAC address into a database until the device is out of range.

The information collected by WiFi access points will give you metrics on first time visitors, repeat visitors, dwelling times, and visit times. Such information can help you find new ways to attract and retain customers, thereby impacting your bottom line.

Understanding Traffic Patterns

It’s one thing to know when your customers are most likely to visit your restaurant. But, it’s more important to know why.

Data from WiFi access points can not only help you pinpoint the busiest times for your restaurant, but it can also help you understand why your customers come to your restaurant.

Are your customers staying for a long time? They could possibly be using your restaurant for meetings or family gatherings. How can you capitalize on that? Offer family meal deals, or serve platters.

This data can also provide an immense advantage in scheduling, inventory management, and determining focus areas for marketing campaigns to help drive customer traffic during dead hours.


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