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Tips for Successful Restaurant Branding

There are many different aspects that comprise what an outstanding restaurant should be. Top-notch service, menu and food quality are all part of that equation. However, there is one important element that operators often overlook, branding! Does your restaurant have a brand? If you can’t answer that question, keep reading.

Your answer regarding your brand should entail everything related to your restaurants’ business. Anything from the logo, music, food menu, interior & exterior design and even the staff’s attitude.

So how can you achieve success in the restaurant branding process?

Develop a Logo.

Your restaurants logo is what makes your brand recognizable. This is such an important aspect for restaurant branding. Use something unique that has never been done before.  Here are some logo tips.

Create a Branded Menu.

Let’s say, you’re starting an Asian restaurant business, a good idea is to add something unique to this common idea of an Asian restaurant. By adding something special to your menu, like funky sushi rolls or gluten-free dumplings you can create a brand and make your restaurant stand out.

Do this by analyzing your audience and finding out what they do and don’t like about your competition. Use this research to create a menu that is better and more competitive than the competition.

Use Social Media Marketing

Your social media marketing should be a priority, so you’ll benefit from customers tagging themselves at your restaurant and sharing their experience on Facebook or on their Instagram Stories.

All of your social media pages should show the brand’s spirit. Furthermore, there should always be someone available to answer questions, comments or complaints on your social channels.  People use social media to find restaurants so providing great social media service is necessary and one of the best ways to promote your restaurant and brand.

Claim Your Business Online.

Yelp, Google Maps, Google Places, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook allow you to claim ownership of your business. By claiming your business, you are able to respond to customers reviews or comments.  This is your chance to show people what your brand is all about. Remember to stay consistent with your messages and tone on your social platforms.

Don’t forget, it takes a while to build a brand and very few brands are overnight successes. So have confidence and remember branding is a marathon not a sprint!

What are some of your favorite restaurant brands?  Tell us in the comments below.


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