The Best New POS Systems

New to the world of restaurants? Been at it for years?

Well whatever brought you here, I am happy you’ve joined us. Below, we have compiled the ultimate list of the latest and greatest point of sale (POS) systems so you don’t have to. For those who are new to the technology scene, a POS system is the partner you never knew you needed for your restaurant.

The systems listed below have been run under a strict 10-year-old cut off to make sure you’re getting the most updated model for your business. Depending on features, these nifty systems help with transactions, inventory management, labor scheduling, and even loyalty programs. Here, you can find your ideal candidate based on how many locations your restaurant holds and a concise description of what each POS brings to your table, counter, bar, or workbench. As adorably vintage your 1990 cash register might be, its time for an upgrade.

Your restaurant and your customers deserve it.

Small Restaurants

A restaurant that is considered “small” can range anywhere from one to five locations. Whether you own a hole-in-the-wall pizzeria, a new bistro, or a street-side kiosk, a POS system will help streamline and grow your pride and joy.

NCR Silver – Est. 2012
  • Constantly updating features
  • Visually appealing
  • Strong marketing options

NCR Silver is as experienced as it is vast. Covering restaurants of many sizes, NCR provides a customized experience for every restaurant owner. Constantly updating features along with the visual appeal of strong marketing options, this POS system knows its way around the front and back of the house.

Epos Now – Est. 2011
  • Competitive price
  • Includes eCommerce
  • Excellent customer service

Epos Now offers great competitive prices and includes supreme customer service support. With over 30,000 businesses under their care, they’re considered to be one of the highest recommended systems by small restaurant owners around the world.

Paytouch – Est. 2009
  • Great for multitasking
  • Capable to be paired with a variety of software
  • Accepts any type of payment

Paytouch is for the restauranteur with too much on their plate. Amazing for multitasking, Paytouch takes the hassle out of ticket management, payment methods, and employee management.

eHopper – Est. 2013
  • User-friendly
  • Great for first-time business owners
  • Notable customer support

eHopper is for those nervous first-time business owners. No need to fret! eHopper is here to help with user-friendly software, notable support, and easy training and installation. 

Rezku POS – Est. 2011
  • Modern and advanced features
  • Cost efficient
  • Fantastic inventory management for restaurants

Rezku is as cool as it sounds. Modern and advanced features make this cost-efficient POS fantastic for inventory management, loyalty rewards, and 300 other features which come at no added cost.

Clover POS – Est. 2010
  • Available for both web and server-based development
  • Allows for all payment methods
  • Integrates with QuickBooks

Clover’s brilliant multi-service based development allows for all types of payment methods. Able to integrate with QuickBooks, Clover POS will assist your restaurant with the tiniest requirements.

Vend – Est. 2010
  • Cloud-based
  • Customer data track
  • Great inventory management

Vend is a great POS system for small businesses, specifically those in food and/or beverage retail. Having everything stored in the cloud for easy access anywhere, you are able to keep track of your most loyal customers while maintaining and growing your inventory when needed.

Talech – Est. 2012
  • Top rated inventory features
  • Simple layout
  • Constantly and consistently updating

Talech’s powerful but easy-to-use system allows you to create orders, apply discounts, manage tables and view sales with just a few taps. With over 100 features, Talech is powerful enough to handle complex tasks but easy to train your staff on.

CAKE POS – Est. 2011
  • Includes waitlist manager
  • Detailed sales reports by the week, day, or hour
  • Offline mode for when connection is lost

Who doesn’t want CAKE? With an included waitlist manager, detailed sales report by the week, day, or hour, and a seamless offline mode for when the internet is out again, CAKE will step up your small restaurant into a streamlined system.

Loyverse POS -Est.  2014
  • Free
  • Easy to train
  • Live customer support

For those new to the POS world, Loyverse will hold your hand the entire way through. With an easy to train system and live customer support, your transition will be flawless and step up your restaurant-game. Oh, and did I mention its free?

Midsize Restaurants

The middle child of locations can label themselves as having five to twenty spaces. The below systems are equipped for restaurants of all sizes so you can grow into your dreams. That being said, I ask you to think big before reading on.

Upserve – Est. 2009
  • Easy to use
  • Specifically designed for restaurateurs by restaurateurs
  • Resilient and reliable hard and software

Upserve is designed for restauranteurs, by restaurateurs. A system with resilient and reliable hardware and software has never been as easy to use as Upserves’.

Lavu – Est. 2010
  • Restaurants can choose between different interfaces to match their atmosphere
  • Customizable
  • Table-side ordering, take-out, and deliver offered

For those in the midsize restaurant range, it might be tricky to pinpoint just where you fall in line with the others. Lavu lets restaurants choose between different interfaces to match their atmosphere. In addition to its customizability, Lavu features table-side ordering, take-out, and delivery.

MarketMan – Est. 2012
  • Integrates POS and inventory seamlessly
  • Intricate software yet so simple to use
  • Amazing inventory management system

Do you know the MarketMan? Well, you should. MarketMan’s intricate software POS integrates inventory but yet, is so simple to use. You don’t have to live on Cherry Lane to use this incredible system

Koomi – Est. 2015
  • Made for QSR
  • Integratable payment methods
    • Square or First Data
  • Able to control multiple locations

Koomi was designed with the idea of making life easier for QSR (quick service restaurants). Able to integrate with Square or First Data, Koomi makes rush hour the most efficient hour possible. With the ability to control multiple locations from one dashboard, Koomi is an amazing option.

Square – Est. 2009
  • Seamless sales reporting
  • Digital reciept
  • Quick bank deposits

Square is a namestake in the world of POS for good reasons. By providing detailed reports on sales, depositing said sales by the next day, and keeping your customers on track of their own finances with messaged digital receipts, Square offers so much more than meets the eye. 

Kounta – Est. 2012
  • Customizable
  • Online ordering integration
  • Loyalty rewards

Kounta is a cloud-based POS system that thousands of restaurants would vouch for. Kounta allows you to customize everything, from table layouts to taxes. In addition, online ordering systems are able to integrate to increase sales along with VIP discounts within the provided loyalty program.

OrderSnapp – Est. 2014
  • Multiple payment processing methods
  • Affordable hardware
  • Amazing for money savers

OrderSnapp is another POS made perfectly for midsize QSRs. Those looking for a great deal on comprehensive sales, look no further. With extremely affordable hardware, OrderSnapp is known for saving thousands for restaurant owners. They also offer a variety of payment processing methods in which they are partners of. Or, feel free to choose your own! 

Slick POS – Est. 2017
  • Works on any web browser or any iOS/Android device
  • Free
  • Fantastic analytics

Slick is skillful. Working on any browser or any iOS/Android device, the free POS system accepts reservations, any form of payment, and is free! Amazing. I know.

SAP Anywhere – Est. 2015
  • Wide customer service support
  • Amazing remote accessibility
  • e-Commerce portal for online sales

SAP Anywhere is great for restaurant owners on the go. With amazing remote accessibility and an e-commerce portal for online sales, SAP Anywhere will hold down the fort no problem.

SynergySuite for Restaurants – Est. 2011
  • Fantastic for multi-location facilities
  • Provides business intelligence tools such as profit reports
  • Priced by location per month

SynergySuite is great for expanded and expanding restaurants. The provided business intelligence tools such as profit reports that users can see at-a-glance, has credited SynergySuite for high customer satisfaction ratings.

POSbistro – Est. 2012
  • Extremely user-friendly interface
  • Monthly billing process
  • Live stream management and monitoring of incomes and tables

POSbistro has a supreme user-friendly interface. With a monthly billing process, restauranteurs can live stream management and monitoring of incomes and tables.

Large Restaurants

For those who have made it this far, congratulations on your success! Large restaurants have around twenty or more locations. These systems will manage your best selling recipe to the salt and pepper shakers on the tables.

FranPOS – Est. 2011
  • Cloud-based
  • Perfected customer service
  • Merges finance systems

Franpos has been rated the “#1 Cloud-based franchise POS system” according to their site. With the ability to call customer support at any time, you can manage your enterprise with integrated financial systems, stay up to date with detailed reporting, and control of all locations from one database.

Hike POS – Est. 2014
  • Omnichannel
  • Mobile
  • Offers 12 additional features

Hike POS is an omnichannel platforms. This means you can use this POS just about anywhere: in-store, online, in vendors, pop-ups, in trucks, etc. Speaking of mobility, you can have Hike on your phone for the ultimate easy-access. With checkout, loyalty, gift cards, customer engagement and many more features included, Hike is perfect for your large business.

Qu Beyond POS – Est. 2012
  • Online ordering system
  • QSR and Fast-casual
  • Choice of processor

Qu Beyond is perfect for large quick-service or fast-casual chains. Equipped with an online ordering system, customers can chat directly with you and employees to perfect their orders. In addition, you get to choose which merchant processor works best for your business.

LimeTray – Est. 2013
  • Highly rated
  • Inventory management
  • Franchise support

LimeTray has been rated very high on many review sites. In fact, LimeTray is used by Burger King, Krispy Kreme, California Pizza Kitchen and other big names. LimeTray provides inventory management that tracks consumption of stock and recipes along with a platform that connects all your locations.

Flyght – Est. 2009
  • Perfect for any size
  • Ordering integrations
  • Marketing
  • Combine your strategy for your POS to figure out what works and doesn’t

Flyght POS is good for ANY restaurant, big or small. With ordering integrations, you can pair any outside or inside ordering source to Flyght. You can also combine your marketing strategy for your POS to help you figure out what works and doesn’t work in virtually every aspect.

Stripe – Est. 2011
  • Partners
  • Customizable
  • Used by big names

Stripe is the ultimate customizable POS. With the ability to choose from over 200+ extension and platform partners, you can pick from email marketing to analytics. Used by companies such as Postmates an Deliveroo, Stripe can bring you to the big leagues with their POS system.

Storezigo – Est. 2015
  • Excellent CRM
  • Integrates with eCommerce
  • WEB POS; no extra cost
  • Perfect for food + beverage retail

Storezigo POS is notable for making a complete retail solution in for CRM purposes.


Revel Systems – Est. 2010
  • Functions in any type of atmosphere (kiosks to larger establishment)
  • Multiple awards from SFBT’s Tech Awards
  • One of the most advanced software systems

With a near decade of service under the belt, Revel Systems pioneered cloud-based iPad point of sale (POS). Safe to say, they know what they’re doing. With over 20,000 locations using their heavily awarded system, Revel helps customers run their business from end-to-end and in turn, seize their future.

Sapaad – Est. 2017
  • Pricing based on number of users and location
  • Top of the line customer service
  • Live reports; monitors sales and revenue

With live reporting, monitoring of sales and revenue, and top of the line customer service, Sapaad POS has reasons as to why they are so highly ranked. Pricing based on the number of users and locations allows for flexibility.

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