Technology for the Restaurant Catering Boom

Restaurant catering is hotter than ever. According to Restaurant Dive, the catering industry is projected for significant growth in 2024. To capitalize on this trend, restaurants need to embrace cutting-edge catering technology. Don’t get left behind – let’s explore the tools that will transform your catering operation.

Catering Technology

  • AI Inventory Management: Imagine never running out of crucial ingredients for a big order. AI analyzes past data to predict future needs, generating accurate par lists. This reduces waste and ensures you have everything for large events.
  • Hybrid Delivery: Delivery can be a challenge, but hybrid platforms may offer the best solution:
    • In-House Control: Manage critical deliveries yourself, ensuring top-notch presentation and temperature control.
    • Scalable Support: During peak times, seamlessly outsource to third-party services, expanding your reach without sacrificing efficiency. 
    • Real-Time Tracking: Empower your customers with peace of mind. Real-time tracking lets them see exactly where their food is, eliminating catering anxiety.
  • Online Ordering: Make catering convenient for everyone! User-friendly online platforms allow customers to browse menus, customize selections, and place orders at their own pace, 24/7. This eliminates lengthy phone calls and ensures clear communication of their needs. Plus, integration with your POS system saves time and reduces errors.

Technology Enhances Your Catering Offerings

Technology goes beyond streamlining operations – it can elevate your entire catering experience:

  • Family-Style vs. Individual Flexibility: Gone are rigid menus. Online ordering platforms allow customers to create a hybrid experience. They can choose family-style platters for some dishes while offering individual options for others, catering to diverse preferences and dietary needs.
  • Dietary Customization Made Easy: Dietary restrictions are no longer a hurdle. Online platforms can showcase menus with clear allergen labeling. Customers can easily filter options based on dietary needs (vegan, gluten-free, etc.) and customize individual portions within a family-style platter.

By implementing the right technology, your restaurant can effectively win and manage catering orders. Technology empowers you to focus on what you do best – creating incredible food. 

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