POS-Enabled Online Ordering Platforms

If you’re considering adding an online ordering platform to your restaurant’s Point of Sale (POS) platform, research suggests that it is a good idea.

The National Restaurant Association found that 43 percent of adults have used an online ordering system to place an order for takeout or delivery.

QSRWeb published a report suggesting that younger generations are driving online ordering in restaurants, and that online ordering is growing nearly three times faster than dine-in.

This increased demand is leaving restaurant owners scrambling to find solutions. Some wind up using third-party delivery platforms, while others break out the check book and pay to upgrade their website.

One simple, and affordable, way to accommodate this increased demand is to incorporate a POS-enabled online ordering platform to allow your customers to place orders from anywhere.

Not only are online ordering systems good for customers, they are also good for businesses. Having reliable data tracking will help lower inventory costs, reduce labor costs, and make your business more efficient overall. However, finding the one that is right for your business can be a daunting task. Especially if you are new to restaurant ownership.

To help you find an online ordering system that will make an immediate positive impact on your business, here are three great platforms to consider.

  1. Lavu ToGo

Lavu is the number-1 rated iPad POS system. For upstart restaurants, their technology is a game changer. According to their website, Lavu offers premier, proprietary bar and restaurant POS systems, used by thousands of restaurants in over 80 countries. It is an easy, flexible, all-in-one software system that delivers a streamlined, intuitive interface and centralized data storage. This gives your management team complete control of your data, which helps them make tough decisions. It also offers staff members an effective and simple tool to maintain the highest standards of customer service. Lavu ToGo is offered to gold and pro subscribers only. But, that extra charge is worth getting more customers in the door.

  1. Revel POS

Revel integrates operations and customer channels with point-of-sale (POS) functionality in a single dashboard. This cloud-based platform allows restaurants to seamlessly integrate inventory management, customer management and social media management functionalities all in one software. The software also offers data analytics that track hourly sales, order history, payment summaries, product mix and sales summaries and presents the data in reports and graphs. The company offers training videos and over-the-phone support to restaurant owners and will help them incorporate Apple Pay and Quickbooks into their services.

 Toast’s Online Ordering Software

Toast is one of the most venerable restaurant operations software on the market. Their POS software offers restaurant owners an all-in-one platform to run their business from anywhere, anytime. According to Toast’s website, the software simplifies your business by integrating online ordering, digital and physical gift cards, and built-in tools to manage your staff. Toast’s services also include a platform for tableside service that allows servers to quickly and easily take orders. Bars can track tabs and look up drink recipes as well. All of which helps improve overall customer satisfaction.


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