Is your food worth 1,000 likes?

Visually appealing food and menu items can help enhance social awareness and drive customers to your restaurant. In this day and age, it is known that the right photos can influence consumers’ decisions on where to eat and what to eat.  Powerful social media can help a brand stand out in the foodservice industry, and one of the most important aspects is to have top quality photos.

Here are some tips on how to use visually appealing photos on social media to drive consumers to your restaurant.


Use High-Quality Photos

The golden rule of Instagram, is that great photos equal success. It is THE visual platform. Every restaurant should put some creative thought into images of dishes or other brand-specific images. One important factor is that the photographer must pay attention to light and shadows — especially when photographing food items. Ensure the images are in focus and never post anything that’s too blurry, too dark or just unappetizing.


Post a variety of images + descriptions

Everything you want to share is fair game, this includes, food photos, people photos, drink photos, table setting photos, empty restaurant photos and more. After six or more posts your Instagram page should feel like a versatile representation of the business. And don’t forget, you must caption each image. It is not necessary to write a long description but a sentence or so will get the job done. This is also the place for hashtags, which are words related to your post and a way for other consumers to find your photos on Instagram. At a minimum, you should hashtag the name of your restaurant with no spaces.

Don’t forget about videos

Instagram has launched the video option which allows you to take customer interaction even further.  Using videos is a great way to highlight your specials, staff, and customers! A great example on how to use video is to show a “before” shot of ingredients, the food prep , the cooking process, and then the final dish being served.



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