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Digital or Key Tag – Loyalty Programs for Every Preference

If your restaurant hasn’t already implemented a customer loyalty program…why not??  Loyalty programs are proven to increase guest visits by 35%, while also providing you with valuable data.  So which loyalty platform is best for you?  There are lots to choose from, but here’s an overview of just a sampling of what’s out there.

Preferred Patron: If you want to be in control of every aspect of your customers’ loyalty experience, Preferred Patron is ideal.  Not only does Preferred Patron offer complete flexibility over how you offer rewards (visit frequency, money spent, or social media interaction), they also offer what they call “white label branding,” which means your restaurant’s brand, not the Preferred Patron brand, will be integrated into all aspects of your loyalty program. 

Fishbowl: Fishbowl offers comprehensive marketing and loyalty services.  It is also integrated with Android Pay, which offers customers a seamless way to access and redeem rewards.  Since Fishbowl is widely used in the industry, they can also provide detailed analytics on menus, guests and promotions. 

Spring: Spring is a credit card-based rewards program, and requires no additional systems or equipment on the restaurant’s end. With its mobile app, Spring communicates with customers in real time, and those customers can then immediately redeem rewards. If you’d like to have minimal involvement in the management of your customer loyalty program, Spring would be a good platform for you.

Loyalzoo: Loyalzoo is a digital loyalty program that integrates with your POS system and Facebook; additionally, customers can check in using the Loyalzoo app. By organizing your customers into three categories – new, VIP and slipping away – Loyalzoo then targets marketing to each group to retain and improve loyalty.

Punchh: Being extremely data driven, Punchh offers multiple facets of service. In addition to a loyalty platform, Punchh also has a referral program, ecommerce integration, customer feedback and survey options, and even gaming.   

ReUp: (Just acquired by Lightspeed) If you’re old school, or think your customers aren’t ready for a fully-digital loyalty program, ReUp is the system for you. With tiered pricing, a restaurant can tailor the program to its own needs. For the most basic level, the restaurant has access to 24/7 support.  More expensive levels offer a loyalty coach to the restaurant and a branded app. Loyalty members get a plastic card and key tag, but can also use a phone number to check-in.

Explore all the options, because there are many, and choose the one that most suits your brand! 

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