Best Apps in the Restaurant Industry

Point of Sale (POS)

  • All-in-one
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Simple yet competitive prices
  • 5-star rating

Toast is a force to be reckoned with as their POS system is notable for their intricate software capabilities such as an easy-to-train intuitive experience to the incorporation of applications through open integration.

  • Exceptional ease of use
  • Little to no training needed
  • Provides dashboard and cloud reporting
  • Third-party integration
  • Great customer support

TouchBistro has been named one of the best POS systems for a reason. With dashboard cloud reporting and fantastic customer support, TouchBistro is there to help grow all aspects of your restaurant.

  • Excellent cash flow
  • One of the best values on the market
  • Free to download and easy to install
  • Staff + customers can customize Square

This household name in America has been recognized for being one of the optimal values on the market, providing excellent cash flow, and being one of the best customizable systems on the market. In addition, it’s free to download and easy to install. What more can you ask for?

  • First-rate customer service
  • Supreme reporting features
  • Can handle any retailer of any size
  • Description

Lightspeed’s first-rate customer service has blown up rating boards across the internet. Owners cannot get enough of Lightspeed’s fantastic reporting features and ability to handle any restaurant of any size.

  • Designed to be used by hard-working restaurant employees
  • Online ordering included
  • Customizable
  • Low-cost
  • Description

Upserve was designed to be used by those who worked their restaurant from the ground up. They are here to help as one of the most low-cost, customizable, and easy-to-use POS systems.

  • One of the most reliable and intuitive POS systems
  • Seamless system with little to zero errors
  • Internet connection is not a must
  • High user satisfaction rate

Brigade has made a name for itself as being one of the most “reliable and intuitive systems” in the world of POS. With a seamless system and a high user satisfaction rate, one doesn’t need to be connected to the internet to keep their business going. After all, money doesn’t sleep.

Smart Swipe
  • No monthly or additional fees
  • Significant amount of features included
  • Impeccable attention-to-detail
  • Extremely speedy service
  • Competitive prices

SmartSwipe is for the new guy in the neighborhood. Their impeccable attention-to-detailed system equipped with speedy service includes no monthly or additional fees and extremely competitive prices.

  • Ease of installation
  • Offers bilingual customer support
  • Highly-rated customer care

A&B POS Pro is amazing for those whose staff and customer demographics are diverse. With bilingual customer support, A&B has been noted for exceptional customer care and training of staff with agents who are proficient in multiple languages.

  • Sleek and pleasing design through touchscreen display
  • Can be brought from thousands of locations
  • Short learning curve
  • Optimal accessories and features available

Clover’s POS system is considered to be one of the sleekest designs on the market. Able to be bought from thousands of locations, Clover only requires a short learning curve with an appetite for supreme accessories and features.

  • Ease of use attracts even the weariest of customers
  • Easy to navigate for both staff and customers
  • Fantastic loyalty campaigns
  • High overall rating
  • Flipdish’s middle name is “Easy”. Simple to use for customers and staff alike, Flipdish has been voted highly amongst multiple website ratings. In addition to this POS’ intricate simplicity, their loyalty campaigns have been noted by users everywhere.
  • Social Media Management


Social Media Management

Social Report
  • High level development in publication
  • Detailed reports
  • Top-rated Search Agents
  • Extremely easy to install

Social Report will keep you on top of your media management with detailed reports, top-rated search agents, and high-level development in publication. In addition, customers praise its easy installation process


Sprout Social
  • Quick and easy customer service
  • Works great for both small and big restaurants
  • Amazing Social Listing tools
  • Comparative-page feature is a must have

Sprout Social sounds cute, yet, it is incredibly efficient. With quick and effortless customer support, amazing social listing tools, and a must-have comparative-page feature, Sprout Social does not mess around

  • Easy to interact with customers via social media
  • Time and money saved to a major extent
  • Gathering content has never been easier
  • Organization of sources is extremely notable
  • Highly rated for overall satisfaction

Hootsuite is the ultimate time and money saver. Gathering content has never been more simple as Hootsuite’s organization of sources and customer interaction is top-rated.

  • Easy to use through automated posts
  • Competitive price
  • Multiple profiles are ran trouble-free

If Buffer’s competitive prices don’t sell you, maybe the fact that their automated posts, ease of use, and management of multiple profiles will.

Meet Edgar
  • Ability to run on its own without fed content
  • High scoring in terms of ease of use
  • Installation takes minutes
  • No repeat social media posts

I want you to MeetEdgar; a social media manager who will never run out of content and can run on its own without fed content. MeetEdgar does his job flawlessly.

Reservation System

  • Very low price, no monthly fee
  • Embraces the latest technology
  • Proven to boost business growth
  • Online training is free

OpenTable has held a stake in the waitlist business. With very low prices, no monthly fees, embracement of the latest technologies, free online training and proven statistics to boost business growth, let’s just say OpenTable knows what they’re talking about.

Yelp Nowait
  • Visual aid allows customers to see their place in line
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Confirmed to increase reservations

Yelp Nowait has only improved since their collaboration. With visual aid for the customer and a simple interface, Yelp Nowait has been confirmed to increase reservation rates.

I Know the Chef
  • Requires customer membership
  • High customer rating
  • Extremely competitive with other big-named systems

I Know The Chef is for the elite restaurateurs. Requiring a customer membership, it has shown to be extremely competitive with other big-named systems.

Q Less
  • Boots operational efficiency up to 90%
  • Proven to increase restaurant revenue
  • Near 100% customer satisfaction rate
  • Allows update sharing and direct communication to the customer

Q Less is the customer’s best friend when it comes to reservations. Proven to boost operational efficiency up to 90% and allows direct communication along with update sharing to the customer, there is a reason why Q Less has a near 100% customer satisfaction rate.

  • Customer support is responsive and friendly
  • Updates amongst all restaurant devices were instant and simultaneous
  • Increased amount of customers through the door

Serving restaurants such as Nandos and SUGARFISH, Waitwhile lets customers check in online, estimate wait times and keeps everyone informed via text and email. Plus, a powerful API to integrate with. Forever free to use for 100 guests per month.

Inventory Management

Inventory Now
  • Flexibility features
  • Developer helpful and responsive
  • Simplified overview
  • Sorts and filters vital information

Inventory now is notable for their flexible features, helpful and responsive development team, and a simplified overview. It is designed as a lightweight replacement for or a supplement to a high-end Point of Sale System.

Stock Control
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Accurate reports
  • Excellent time saver

Stock Control has proven to have some of the most accurate, amazing reports in the inventory management game. In addition, The app is available for both iOS and macOS.

  • Able to integrate barcode scanner
  • Flexible
  • Quality style and functionality
  • Easy to use

Sortly has modernized with the ability to integrate a barcode scanner and a high-quality software style and functionality.

Goods Order Inventory System
  • Cloud-based system
  • High encrypted security
  • Supports offline mode
  • Efficient data export
  • Custom pricing

Goods Order Inventory System’s name may be a mouthful, but so are their perks. With high encrypted security, it supports offline mode, data exporting, and custom pricing

Instant Inventory
  • Maintains stock movements
  • Able to register sale transactions
  • Extensive reporting
  • Barcode scanning functionality

Instant Inventory maintained stock movements to a tee. With the ability to register sale transactions, extensive reporting features, and barcode scanning functionality, Instant Inventory may just have it all.

Online Ordering

  • Prompt reporting system
  • Simple and fast for both staff and customers
  • Excellent customer support
  • Placebag is always on top of your online orders with a prompt reporting system and speedy service for both staff and customers. Don’t get me started on their excellent customer support.

  • Inexpensive flat rate
  • Great and reliable software design
  • One of the cheaper and more popular apps
  • User friendly

RestoLabs has great and reliable software design and one of the more cost-effective apps on the market. There’s a reason why customer’s love RestoLabs so much.

  • Menu and modifiers transfer seamlessly
  • Offers multiple pricing options
  • Countless amount of features
  • Team will match restaurant’s personality

MenuDrive offers multiple pricing options for restauranteurs looking for basic to advanced online ordering options. The MenuDrive team prides itself on matching the restaurant’s personality to their menu.

  • High overall rating
  • Simple to use
  • Includes email marketing
  • Loved by customers
  • Description

NetWaiter’s high overall rating is enough to sell us. But, not only is it loved by customers, it includes email marketing and one of the simplest tools on the market.


  • Visually appealing
  • High scoring amongst customers
  • Proven sales increase
  • Updates and features offered

GloriaFood is aesthetically pleasing, colorful, oh, and incredible proven sales increase. Amazing updates and features are offered. With their free online ordering system for restaurants, they are specifically designed to meet the needs of restaurant owners around the world.

Merchant Account Management

  • No application or set-up fees
  • Month-month accounts with no early
  • Highly praised by restaurateurs
  • Raving customer service review

Promerchant is one of the best in the merchant account category. No application or set-up fees, month-month accounts, and raving reviews by both customers and restaurateurs, Promerchant proves itself seamlessly.

  • Next-day funding
  • 0% markup rate
  • Volume discounts built in
  • No cancellation, statement, or batch fees

Fattmerchant has is a money management dream. With next-day funding, 0% markup rate, and volume discounts built in, what more can you ask for?

  • Standalone processing
  • Low monthly fee
  • No contracts
  • Offers mPOS app

Payline is a standalone processing manager with low monthly fees and no contracts. In addition, they offer a mPOS app along with their services.

  • Integrated platform
  • Platforms starting at $9.00
  • Free chip card reader

Shopify is an integrated platform starting at under ten dollars. Along with this small price to pay, a chip card reader is given free.


  • Renowned development, marketplace, and subscription tools
  • Multi-currency support
  • Great for international use
  • Predictable flat-rate pricing

Stripe is renowned for its development, marketplace, and subscription tools. With great international relations through multi-currency support, Stripe has become a leader in merchant account management.

Review Tracker

  • Easy to monitor, respond, and share
  • Dashboard graphs
  • Reviews sourced from 50+ websites
  • Boasts positive online commentary

ReviewTrackers is exactly as it sounds and so much more. Easy to monitor, respond, and share reviews, ReviewTrackers offers visually appealing dashboard graphs where reviews are sourced from fifty plus websites.

  • Affordable
  • Clean and professional look
  • Reviews posted directly to social media platforms

Repuso is not only clean, professional looking, and overall visually appealing, it’s affordable. To check another box off your list, reviews are posted directly to your social media platforms.

  • 24/7 email alerts
  • Notable sentiment analysis
  • Organizes feedback in clear format
  • Competitive pricing

Reputology has 24/7 email alerts so you never fall behind a review again. It’s notable sentiment analysis and organized feedback comes at a very competitive price.

  • Highly rated customer service
  • Prides on user-generated content
  • Generates more product and site reviews than competitors

Yotpo not only has one of the most highly rated customer service representatives but prides on its user-generated content. Taking reviews and using it to your business advantage has shown more product and site reviews than competitors.

  • Offers Webchat feature
  • High overall ratings
  • Campaign management
  • Social media metrics and modeling

BirdEye’s fantastic social media metrics and modeling don’t stop there. Its campaign management has been noted by users everywhere with an added bonus of web chat features.

Food Cost Management

  • Appropriate for restaurants of various sizes
  • Personnel tracking
  • Both browser agnostic and downloadable
  • Customizable

Jolt is amazing for a restaurant of any shape or size. Personnel tracking through either browser agnostic or downloadable allows the manager a customizable experience.

  • Great for food logs
  • Able to email or text through app
  • Keeps staff on track
  • Easy to use and train

FreshCheq not only checks all the boxes but also is great for food logs and keeping staff on track through email or text through easy training of the app.


  • Marks and tracks invoices
  • Compares sales
  • Simple and quick to navigate
  • User friendly
  • High rating of user-recommendation

ChefMod goes above and beyond by marking and tracking invoices comparing sales and is simple and quick to navigate. With a high rating of user-recommendation, ChefMod has made itself a home in food cost management.

Location-Based Deals Management

Hooked Deals
  • Amazing deals offered constantly
  • Great relationship with customer clientele
  • Puts small restaurant businesses on the map
  • High review ratings

Hooked Deals are always on top of it offering up amazing deals with great relationships with small restaurant businesses. Popular amongst the college student demographic, Hooked provides businesses and brands with digital tools in order to effectively engage with customers and drive sales into their stores.

  • Fun and interactive for customers
  • Helps customers “discover” restaurants
  • Engages mobile presence

Spotluck is the fun uncle of location-based deals. Customers love it, restaurant owners are happy their infectious allure is around. Spotluck helps customers discover new restaurants and engages mobile presence for said restaurants.

  • Great customer service
  • A trusted household name
  • No upfront cost

Groupon is a trusted household name with a fantastic repertoire, great customer service, and no upfront cost.

Blackboard Eats
  • Unique system which customers love
  • Excellent review and location features
  • Tip calculator included
  • Virtual membership card

Blackboard Eats is a unique system that customers love. With a membership card required, excellent reviews regarding their location features have put this app on customer and owner’s radar.


  • Great for smaller restaurants in a big city
  • Simple to use
  • Gives customer recommendations
  • Description

Scoutmob is great for smaller restaurants in a big city. Putting your business on the map has never been more simple to use.

Staff Activation

  • Efficient for reviewing staff
  • Great communication tool between management and staff
  • Consistent updates and improvements being made
  • Easy to use

7Shifts is efficient for reviewing staff and considered one of the best communication tools between management and staff. With consistent updates and improvements being made, restaurant owners can’t ask for much more.

  • Platform for staff promotions & sales contests
  • Connects with point-of-sale systems to track leaderboards
  • Educate, motivate and track staff performance
  • Activate company-wide and store-level promotions

Tipzyy helps management drive sales by activating promotional priorities with staff through contests and promotions that educate and incentivize performance. 

When I Work
  • Able to track multiple projects
  • Straightforward scheduling
  • Free

When I work has the ability to track multiple projects with straightforward scheduling. Oh, and an added bonus: it’s free.


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