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3 Fast Food Trends To Hop On

Fast Food is so ingrained in American culture it’s ridiculous. We want it fast. We want it quick. And we don’t care how fat it makes us. Kind of. In the age of the internet, many concepts are adopting fast and futuristic habits as to how they run their businesses. Although we have yet to adapt the Japanese vending machine, here are some trends that could help run your business like a well-oiled machine.


Quick! & Healthy?

Healthy fast food is a bit of a new development. I remember when good ol’ Mickey D’s introduced fruit and oatmeal into the happy meal rotation. That shit sucked. However, they did start a trend. Now looking around, all I see is green leafy nicoise salads, at a very convenient price- and quick! Maybe it’s somewhat of a fast casual/fast food fusion, for now the two terms seem almost indistinguishable. Aside from the price point, both seem to be equally as quick. In doing this, coupling with extremely fresh ingredients, the fast casual ideals have slowly crept into the fast food circuit.


Fast. So Fast.

The appeal of fast food is that it’s dang quick. And it’s getting quicker. By eliminating cashiers in favor of computers, enterprises can cut down on cost and increase speed. I mean, some pimple faced teenager can’t press buttons as fast as one of our new-age robots right? This may mean bad things for employment, but for larger corporations and customers, it’s more cost effective. So now you can stuff your gob twice as fast. Yay.


Give Em Pre-Ordering

With delivery services such as UberEats and Postmates, it’s never been easier to pick up food conveniently. The days of calling in for pickup are over. No longer must we “call” someone who doesn’t know how to properly work a phone while trying to write down an order. We’re too impatient for that. By offering customers the ability to pay in advance for delivery and pickup orders, you may just double your business.

To put it all together, the concept of fast food has changed. By offering some of these insights into your own restaurants, you could find yourself saving money and increasing profits.



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