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Tips to Become a Green Restaurant!

Becoming a green restaurant is not just good for the planet – it’s also a smart business decision. According to a Purdue University study, two thirds of today’s restaurant customers are willing to spend more if a business uses eco-friendly practices. Today, customer prefer to use products and services that are local, ethical, and are derived from sustainably grown ingredients and materials. Restaurants that are environmentally conscience are not only making a better impact on the environment but will become a leader with your local community and like minded individuals. Check out these tips to become a green restaurant.

1. Invest in Energy Efficient Appliances
One of the best ways to become more green is to opt for energy efficient appliances. When it’s time to replace equipment, look for the Energy Star logo. These appliances use less energy without impacting performance. Easy breezy!

2. Go Local and/or Grow Your Own Produce
As an environmentally friendly restaurant, turn your roof or patio if you have one into a mini-garden. You may not be able to grow all of your own produce but maybe an herb garden is feasible. Even small changes can have a positive environmental impact, create a nice story and taste great! Also, buying ingredients from local farms or purchasing what’s in season can not only cut costs but also save on carbon emissions!

3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

By recycling materials, reducing waste, and reusing containers, your restaurant can make a huge impact when it comes to sustainability. For example, swap your regular toilet paper and paper towels with chlorine-free, recycled paper.  Make sure you are recycling instead of just tossing boxes into the garbage. Swap out Styrofoam to-go containers for recyclable ones and make sure you’re customers know to recycle them! Also, composting is a great practice and you may just find you have several customers looking for some green waste! 

4. Clean Green

When choosing your cleaning products, look for cleaners that are more environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Talk to your distributor about products that contain Design for the Environment (DfE) or Green Seal certified cleaning chemicals. 

Every effort helps when it comes to reducing our collective carbon footprint. Becoming a green restaurant can satisfy current customers and attract new ones!  Most importantly, you’re doing your part to protect the environment.


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