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Virtual Training Creates Vast Opportunities

The restaurant industry is known for its turnover, it’s to be expected. By planning for turnover, maximizing the contribution of current staff, and being prepared to on-board new employees quickly the savvy restaurateur will save hard dollar costs. One way to maximize the potential of your staff and increase retention is by offering solid training. Technology is creating simpler, easier, faster and more accessible ways to on-board your team quickly.

Smart training, advanced by technology, allows employees to receive information, coaching, and current evolving information in real time or near real time. Remember to include Training Policies in your Employee Handbook. Also bear in mind that Training is a perk, which is a hiring tool. No one wants to start a job and fail. Unfortunately for several reasons which can include lack of time and/or lack of investment, employees are left to find their own way resulting in inadequate preparation for a live shift. The employee, their manager, and co-workers are frustrated, the patrons may leave with a poor experience and the culture begins to dissolve.

The future of training is interactive wearable technology employees use while they are actually performing the task. One company that is leading the way is EyeSucceed (who partners with Google using Google Glass). The first pilot was conducted at Google’s Mountain View, CA cafeteria.

EyeSucceed offers applications that monitor employee actions in real time as they follow step-by-step requirements needed to complete job tasks. If employees deviate from the correct process, they are notified through the wearable device which immediately displays the corrective action to be taken.

The benefits to wearable technology training are reduced travel time, increased learning ability, less time reading employee manuals or recipe cards and fewer meetings. I was able to demo the glasses at the National Restaurant Association Show – and they didn’t work for me.  I learned most people are right eye dominant. I actually have a challenge with sight in my right eye (go figure) and would need glasses that accommodated those that are left eye dominant. They exist, they just didn’t have them readily available at the show. Just a note to remember no matter how slick and glossy something seems, the human element still counts. It’s important to test before investing so you can be prepared for every situation that might occur, including having left eye dominant people on staff.

Looking for something more readily available to implement? Cloud based training allows the restaurateur to create custom training and disseminate up-to-date information throughout the world via laptaps, tablets or phones. 

Want something even faster than a cloud-based learning system? There’s an app for that. App-based programs like Tipzyy allow fast learning and sales incentives. Employees can access a quick tip, product information or a drink recipe by the touch of the button on their phone. Sales incentives can be incorporated into learning creating a fun and rewarding environment.

Investing in your staff will pay off in productivity and retention and more than likely increase morale too. With all the technology available today training and staffing meetings no longer have to be onerous, time intensive and expensive endeavors. Check out the tools available and see what works for your team. Keep an eye out for new developments. They are popping up all the time.


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