Tools of the Trade

When working in the hospitality industry you’ll need a selection of tools of the trade, which are gender neutral by the way. If you have these assets ready to go, you will find more work:  a tuxedo, a bow tie, a pressed white shirt that fits, black slacks, handfuls of pens, a wine key, a short black apron with pockets, a long black apron with pockets, good shoes, a note pad and body that won’t let you down.

Huh? A body that won’t let you down? That’s right. When working in the industry you’ll be called upon to work long hours and engage in repetitive motions that may feel unnatural to our bodies, possibly even resulting in injury. You’ll open countless bottles of wine and beer, run up and down stairs, carry large and heavy trays, and bags of ice. You’ll find yourself climbing ladders to get supplies, bending from the knees and the waste, and sidestepping to avoid countless potential disasters. A strong supple body is an asset that will serve you well.

The good news is that with your unusual schedule you’ll be able to find the time to engage in self care for free or relatively low cost. Some of these tips might help:

Get some sleep. The Mayo Clinic shares some guidelines to help those with unusual schedules. Keep your room dark, get a curtain that doesn’t let a drop of light in so you can create an environment to get the sleep you need. 

Invest in Good Shoes.  Not only are good non-slip shoes required by restaurants, you’ll never regret purchasing well-fitting shoes that offer the support you need. If you find that you get a blister during your shift Moleskin works magic. Add moleskin to your toolkit!

Try Yoga. Actor, Writer, Producer, and Yoga Teacher, Mia Park touts the benefit of yoga to soothe aching backs, feet, hands and help maintain a positive attitude while working your shift. Mia explains “practicing internal yoga techniques like meditation can help you better manage your stress while in the weeds. Certain yoga poses can greatly increase back strength, foot health and overall balance.”

Stretch before, after and during your shifts.  You know that little twitch in your back? that ache in your foot? The tension in your neck? Ignoring does not make it go away. Learn to stretch and do it often – afraid of looking weird? Get your team to stretch along with you!

Ask For Healthcare Discounts.  Many industry workers are reluctant to seek medical help or advice because it’s expensive. Regardless of what your health plan might be, ask around to get the advice of physical therapists, doctors or health care providers. Call their offices to schedule an appointment. Explain your situation up front. You might be pleasantly surprised in the ways they will work with your budget.

When you feel good it shows. Treating your body as your most important tool will assure a long and productive career in Hospitality. You’ll find that when ‘you take care of yourself, the rest seems to take care of itself’.


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