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How To Hire the Right Employees for Your Business

Something that I’ve learned from working in the restaurant industry for so long is that taking the time to thoughtfully recruit new employees can be the difference between a sinking and a thriving business. Hiring can go so wrong when it’s rushed or not done well. But how can you “hire well” when you’re putting your faith in new people that maybe you’ve never met before? The answer is, you can never know for sure if the person you’re interviewing will stay true to their word and be the employee they say they will be, however you can do your best to help avoid a high turnover rate from the very start, beginning with the interview.

The restaurant industry is known for its high turnover rate and that’s why it’s imperative that as a manager and an owner you follow these best practices for recruiting and hiring new employees. You are inviting people to join your team and be the face of your business, so don’t cut corners in the process of hiring and training them.

Employee Recruiting Best Practices:

  1. Look beyond the words on their resume

Aside from the other places that the person has worked, look beyond the words on their resume and make sure that their professional values align with those of your business. Talk to them about their past experiences and look for them to talk about their own actions and how working at other jobs has made them feel. This is where you can sense if the person takes responsibility for their actions and is willing to learn and be a strong part of your team.

  1. Know that experience and qualification are different

Similarly to point number one, just because someone has or hasn’t had certain experiences or positions that align with your business does not mean that they are not qualified for the job. Qualification for working in a restaurant is way more about people skills, communication, ability to perform under pressure, and the willingness to learn than the places you’ve worked in the past. If the person had past positions that help them exercise these things then they will probably be a good fit for your team and can communicate that to you.

  1. Be clear on your expectations and notice how they respond to them

It’s extremely important to be crystal clear on your expectations from the start, and to notice how they react to them. You are unwavering in your business’ values and you can’t bring someone new onto the team who has not shown you that they understand them and can take them on too. This continues into the training process — notice the questions they ask and their body language to make sure they will be a good fit and they won’t be someone you have to worry about. Ultimately you want team-oriented people with a good attitude and finding them starts from you taking the time to interview them thoughtfully and thoroughly.


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