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How to Become an Employer of Choice in the Restaurant Industry

An employer of choice fosters a work environment that not only makes employees want to work at the restaurant but stay at the restaurant. Employers of choice attract the best candidates available because their workplace culture is superior. How do you become an employer of choice? Let’s take a look at the top 10 characteristics that employers of choice possess. 

10 Characteristics of an Employer of Choice

1. Maintaining an Open Line of Communication with Employees

Keeping open a good line of communication with your employees is vital to a healthy work environment. Frustration will quickly set in if your staff isn’t clear about restaurant protocols, their roles, and your expectations. 

2. Bring Out the Best in Employees

Every employee is different and responds to different types of leadership. Some employees need to be micromanaged while others prefer to work independently. Then there are those employees who need reassurance from time to time that they are doing a good job and others do not need any recognition at all. Learn your employees and what is needed from you to bring out the best in them. 

3. Focus on Forward Progress 

Focus on the goals of the restaurant and making forward progress.  Employees appreciate an employer who is dedicated to achieving the restaurant’s goals and committed to helping the restaurant improve. Employees are more likely to invest in a restaurant when they see that upper management is invested. 

4. Take Accountability

As the employer with the power to make decisions, you are accountable. You cannot hide from problems and issues that arise. When employees come to you with questions and concerns you must take time to figure out what the actual problem is and how it can be resolved. Sweeping issues under the rug will only lead to discontentment amongst your staff and an unhealthy work environment. 

5. Promote a Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is incredibly important and becoming more of a priority when candidates are searching for jobs. Schedule your staff in such a way that they have adequate time to rest outside of work. Not only will you get more out of your employees when they are at work, but you will also gain a reputation as being an employer of choice for fostering a work-life balance. 

6. Adequate Compensation

Unfortunately, offering a great work environment is not enough. Your employees have bills to pay, school expenses, and families to take care of. Employees who are not making enough money to keep up with the cost of living will continue to search for better opportunities. Offering generous salaries, benefits, and compensation is a great way to show employees that you are an employer that cares about their employees. Employees who feel that they are receiving adequate compensation for their hard work are more likely to not only give their best at work but stay for the long-term. 

7. Offer Opportunity for Growth

When employers offer opportunities for growth within the restaurant, it gives employees something to work for which means you get the most out of your employees. 

8. Allow Employee Involvement

Employees appreciate when employers take the time to listen to suggestions that will improve their work environment. From time to time hold staff meetings so that everyone’s voice is heard and considered when implementing changes or brainstorming solutions.  

9. Treat Employees with Respect

An employer of choice treats employees with respect. Respect your employees as professionals in the restaurant and as human beings. 

10. Employee Recognition

Recognize your employees’ achievements and when they perform well. Maybe a gift card to a popular restaurant, extra time off, or even a monetary bonus for reaching goals are great ways to recognize your employees’ achievements. However, oftentimes verbal praise will go a long way in making your staff feel appreciated.  


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