Federal Vaccination Requirement

The Biden administration announced a series of COVID-related requirements for restaurant and industry employers of 100 persons. This count includes full-time and part-time workers. 

Starting December 5th, all employees will be required to wear masks at work. Employees must also be fully vaccinated beginning January 4th. Those employees who are not fully vaccinated will be required to take a COVID test, at minimum, weekly and test negative. While employers are not currently obligated to cover the cost of testing, this may change depending on state laws and collective bargaining agreements.

All employers must keep records of vaccination and testing for employees. Also, starting December 5th, all qualifying employers are mandated to provide up to four hours of paid leave to allow employees to receive vaccinations during the workday. Employers must also pay for missed work time if employees experience adverse side effects and are unable to work after receiving the shot. 

The government plans to roll out this requirement with smaller businesses as well. The COVID-19 vaccination and masking policies currently affect 100 million public and private sector employees, two-thirds of the American workforce.  

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