Employee Recognition Makes For Happy Employees

Restaurants are notorious for high turnover rates and unengaged staff. It’s an undeserved reputation as a whole but because restaurant staff are often filled with individuals who need part-time employment with flexible schedules and solid pay, they draw a more transitional group, such as students, artists and single parents. This fact does not have to equate to high turnover or lack of loyalty among crew. With a few simple steps taken from the higher management/owner level, employees may be more apt to stay and work harder than they otherwise would.

3 Ways to recognize employees, keeping them happy and working hard

1. Recognize the work they do.

It’s very typical to let employees know what they have done wrong, but how often do you reward them for what they’ve done right? Acknowledging a job well done let’s an employee know their hard work has not gone unnoticed and is, in fact, appreciated. When employees are recognized, they become more engaged, leading to higher revenues. What business owner wouldn’t want to increase their top line sales?

2. Give rewards to incentivize.

While employees are hired to do a specific job, getting someone who goes above and beyond what is asked of them, especially in hospitality, can be difficult. Employees will react positively, however, to reinforcement for a job well done, so why not offer them that? Employee recognition in this manner can go a long way, especially when your staff is dealing directly with hungry, impatient people. Hospitality can seem like a thankless job at times so make sure you show gratitude for the hard work. A small incentive can go a long way, especially when it the appreciation is genuine.

3. Provide feedback and open communication.

Engage with your employees. Let them know what is important to the business and the role they play. In addition, be honest and open with your staff and encourage feedback from them, too! One of the best places to learn what is working or not working on the floor is from those who are on it. This act will go farther with loyalty and retention than failing to let any employee know you care. Remember, people are not mind readers, so take action and communicate. Keep the links of communication open and your business and employee will surely grow.

The hospitality industry offers exciting employment opportunities and management is sure to attract many potential employees. Ensuring you are recognizing, rewarding and communicating with your teams will increase your engagement and create a positive culture of success.


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