Creative Resume Ideas for Servers and Bartenders

You might think that filling out an application for a server or bartender job is sufficient to get a job — and in this labor market it might be. However, creating a resume that showcases your unique strengths and why you want to work in the industry will demonstrate you’re a real pro and open up opportunities at even the most competitive workplaces.

Hospitality is an industry that values your uniqueness. Take a minute to consider why someone might want to hire you. Even more importantly think about why you’d want to work at the place you are applying for. When you’re serving, if you’re not happy it shows. Being happy is a requirement for providing good service. It’s not something to be overlooked!  Happiness at work is a good start for building the life you want to live.

When you’re writing your resume some things to consider are:

  • Keep it to one page. Hiring managers are busy
  • Add a fun photo. A photo will make you more memorable in the sea of applicants
  • Show your strengths, skills and interests – whatever they might be:
    • Certified Life Guard (you understand safety)
    • Well-traveled (you can relate to a lot of people)
    • Worked as a Nanny (works well under pressure)
    • Live nearby (you’re available for last minute shifts)
    • List any languages you speak or are familiar with
    • All your education is important in hospitality. Think from the perspective of the hiring manager and sell your strengths
  • Summarize ‘why they should hire you’. Dependable, easy to get along with, knows how to upsell might be some of your strengths.
  • Feel like creating a video resume? an Instagram Resume? Why not? You’re only limited by your interests and your creativity. You’re goal is to show how you shine, how you do that is up to you!
  • Pick a list of places you want to work and stop by when they are not busy. Good times to stop by are 10:00 a.m. (after the breakfast shift), 3:00 p.m. (before the dinner rush) have your resume in your hand (or your phone if you’re going to link to your online presence) as you strike up a conversation with the first employee you see. Hospitality teams are families. If you make a positive impression with the host, the manager or the busser, they’ll let the hiring person know what they thought of you.  Whatever instructions they give you “come back at . . .”, “ask for . . .”, “go online . . . ” , “email your link to . . .”  follow the instructions exactly, (it’s your first step in showing dependability) if it’s a place you want to work.

Before you leave, take a good look around. Do you like what you see? Can you see yourself happily working here? If so, follow up as instructed and get the next job you’ll love to go to everyday.


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