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The Latest Advancements in Restaurant Reservation Management

According to one survey, 73% of diners said that restaurant technology improved their experience. That comes as some surprise to those of us who remember the customer pushback when restaurants first started integrating AI and robotic technology. That, however, was pre-pandemic, a world apart from its descendant. Today, technology in the restaurant industry is growing exponentially, and one item on the rapid growth rate trajectory is table reservation tech.

Let’s explore the benefits and the brands taking this technology to the next level. 

The Benefits of Restaurant Table Reservation Technology

Restaurant reservation software allows diners to reserve a table online and lets owners or managers know when new reservations are made or existing ones are canceled. This offering enhances the guest experience by allowing customers to choose a specific table or leave special instructions. 

Restaurants can oversee capacity by setting limits and gaining access to guests’ information. Some platforms allow VIP guests exclusive access during peak periods. Others provide mobile text messaging when a customer’s table is ready. Managers receive occupancy alerts before the restaurant exceeds capacity, reducing irritated guests and overworked staff.  

Some reservation platforms integrate with a restaurant’s POS system. Others come with built-in customer relationship management programs, helping restaurants organize and centralize their customers’ information, enabling data analytics. This critical information helps personalize each guest’s service while assisting operators in customizing their marketing strategy. 

According to one study, about 70% of restaurant customers don’t return. Personalizing their experience can go a long way in turning one-time guests into repeat customers. It’s well known that increasing your repeat customers by just 5% can increase profits by a minimum of 25%. 

The guest experience is about unique and delicious food, good service, and a personalized approach. So it’s no wonder that 19% of adult diners want to pick out their table when making a dinner reservation, according to the National Restaurant Association.

This brings us to the latest restaurant reservation technology—a brand that provides the opportunity to increase profits and the customer experience while allowing guests to pick out their tables in a virtual setting.  

The Immersive 3D Experience

At EMERGING, we partner with brands on the leading edge of technology in the restaurant industry. One of those brands is Tablz. This technology-focused company offers diners the opportunity to select and upgrade their table via an online virtual dining room experience. It also allows restaurants to charge more for preferred tables. 

When you think about it, almost all businesses in the hospitality, entertainment, and travel sectors charge more for better seating or a better experience, from airlines to hotels, sporting events, concerts, plays, car rentals, and vacation homes. And that’s Tablz main goal, to change the future of restaurant dining by treating it as real estate where patrons pay more for the “best seats in the house” during peak hours. 

Not only does this offer increased income based on table choices, but it also provides an incentive for diners to enjoy your establishment during off-hours, maintaining more consistent capacity limits. 

Restaurants can get on Tablz in about 48 hours. First, they spend about one hour at your restaurant when the dining room is service ready and empty to produce the 3D mapping. Then, you’ll work with their concierge to pick out your best tables and set the pricing based on the time and day. 

This immersive 3D system incorporates into your existing reservation management system, website’s reservation page, and social media. Guests virtually walk through your dining room, picking out their perfect table based on location, minimum seating, and ambiance, enhancing their experience.

At EMERGING, we’re excited to partner with a brand that’s on the cutting edge of restaurant technology and a forerunner on the path many restaurants are considering traveling. 

If there’s anything we learned from a brutal pandemic, it’s the importance of multiple revenue streams. Maybe it is time to consider treating your restaurant like the real estate investment it is. 


 What is the importance of table reservation in a restaurant? 

Taking reservations can increase traffic. Diners tend to plan ahead to ensure they get a spot rather than holding off and making a last-minute decision. This is particularly true for restaurants that allow guests to choose their favorite table. An online reservation system enables guests to make reservations 24/7, and allows restaurants to manage their waitlist better, eliminate overbookings, increase their customer database, and ensure adequate staffing. 

What restaurants have the longest waiting lists?

A few of the hardest restaurants to get a reservation include Alinea in Chicago, Atelier Crenn in San Francisco, Atera in New York City, and The French Laundry in Yountville. One aspect these restaurants have in common is that they offer an experience and consider food an art form.

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