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The Latest Delivery-Only Concept: Creators’ Kitchen As Seen On TikTok

Virtual Dining Concepts (VDC), the industry leader in virtual dining and the brand well-known for MrBeast Burger, currently has over 3,000 virtual restaurants in six countries. Being the market-savvy brand they are, they’ve come up with another way to focus on TikTok’s 1 billion-plus subscribers.

Partnering with popular TikTok creators and the top food influencers, this virtual restaurant brand is delivering the top food trends with the introduction of Creators’ Kitchen As Seen On TikTok. These creators have garnered millions of views thanks to their delectable creations. Now, they contribute to this virtual brand’s menu and earn a percentage of the sales they help generate by promoting them on their channel.

There was a time when millions of people gathered ingredients in their kitchens across the country, attempting the top recipes spotted on TikTok. Now, they can have the prepared food delivered right to their door. With the incredible reach and consumer desire to experience something new, you can be assured this delivery-only service will be gaining attention.

The Brains Behind the New TikTok Sensation

VDC was founded in 2019 and created as a way to extend the growing virtual restaurant brand segment. It gives restaurant owners a low-risk opportunity to launch a delivery-only concept out of their kitchens with no upfront fees. Since their conception, they’ve created virtual brands with celebrities such as Mario Lopez, Mariah Carey, and DJ Pauly D. Customers can order online or through popular food delivery apps.

So, why did VDC go the celebrity route? Because a digital restaurant brand with no physical footprint requires major marketing to build its customer base. Of course, we all know the course MrBeast Burger, backed by YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson, took, with ongoing litigation between MrBeast and VDC. 

The Changing Menu

While the menu is inspired by the latest viral TikTok food trends, they’re currently leaning toward Italian. You’ll find items such as Best Pasta Ever from Jamie Milne @_everything_delish and Jenna’s @_jennadenise Creamy Shrimp Scampi Linguine. The latter garnered 25 million views. A viral Chopped Italian Sandwich was inspired by Ninja Cute @ninjacue.

Of course, this is a menu that changes almost constantly, right along with the latest trends. According to Robbie Earl, VDC co-founder, “We believe Creators’ Kitchen As Seen On TikTok has set a new standard. With creators steadily producing new recipes and content, Creators’ Kitchen As Seen On TikTok will always be relevant and inspiring.”

Viral TikTok Recipes in 2024

Are you curious which 2024 trending recipes may make Creators’ Kitchen As Seen On TikTok menu? Some recipes to gain viral status in 2024 include Hot Nashville Chicken, Deviled Strawberries, and Cheesy Baked Broccoli. 


This delivery-only brand uses existing restaurants to create their meals and is currently available in 32 states and over 100 locations. 

Adding TikTok Recipes to Your Menu

VDC allows restaurants across the country to opt in and join the TikTok foodie revolution, becoming a marketing partner and adding TikTok Kitchen as a virtual brand. They handle the marketing and third-party delivery relations. According to Restaurant Hospitality, in 2021, restaurant operators paid VDC about 35% to 40% of sales. Packaging and food costs came to about 30%, leaving them around 30% in profits.

Are you considering going the solo route and adding some TikTok recipes to your menu? It’s widely known in the food and beverage industry that, while U.S. copyright law protects original works of authorship, such as books, poetry, music, and computer software, recipes, generally, can’t be copyrighted. 

Lynn Oberlander, a media lawyer in New York City, shared with the New York Times, “It is more of an ethical issue than it is a legal issue.” Today, cookbooks often include instructions on how to give credit when republishing recipes. Of course, recipes have been passed on from generation to generation and chef to chef, with each adapting to their own preferences. 

Virtual Brands Gaining Traction

Several restaurant chains across the country have entered the virtual brand game. According to FSR, virtual restaurant brands that are here to stay include Smokey Bones’ The Wing Experience, Bloomin’ Brands Tender Shack, Brinker International’s, the parent company of Chili’s and Maggiano’s Little Italy, It’s Just Wings, and Applebee’s Cosmic Wings. Do you see a commonality? It looks like chicken wings are the go-to, at least for now.

Restaurant Trends
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