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Snapchat Spectacles – Marketing Campaigns for Restaurants

Building a brand on Snapchat is now one of the most lucrative marketing strategies for any business. There are over 180 million daily users of Snapchat who send and view nearly 10 billion videos daily. On top of that, users expect to see behind-the-scenes content that they can’t get anywhere else.

When Snapchat came out with its Spectacles, glasses that allow users to snap first-person videos and pictures, the product revolutionized more than the company’s name. Probably the most important aspect of this product is its hands-free capabilities. For restaurant owners or head chefs, there is a goldmine of marketing potential waiting to be tapped. 

Here are some simple marketing campaigns that will help you boost sales and create a more loyal customer base.

User Generated Content

Maybe your chef has a big, infectious personality. Every day, they come in to work cracking jokes, keeping the staff loose, and maybe they have a few knife skills that are worth mentioning.

With Snap Spectacles, you can show off your chef’s bright side, or let them do it themselves.

The hands-free aspect of Spectacles allows your chef to perform knife tricks safely during prep. It also allows them to not miss a beat on the line if they decide to wear them during a shift. This gives your audience access to an otherwise isolated part of your business, something that Snap users crave.

Fear of Missing Out

I can’t think of a better way to draw people to your business than to show your customers enjoying themselves.

Spectacles allows your staff to share their personal view of your customers enjoyment. Maybe you’re hosting a local band and the customers created their own dance floor in the dining room. That content can make people afraid of missing out

, which has been shown to be a powerful marketing strategy itself.

Any time you can make your customers the star of your marketing campaign, you need to capitalize. It gives them something to brag to their friends about. In turn, you will get more people who want to have the same experience, giving you an endless supply of actors for your campaigns.

How-To Content

One of the most popular searches on YouTube is for How-To videos. These searches attract millions of clicks every single day.

But this content doesn’t have to be isolated to edited videos. Now, you can create live how-to’s with Spectacles.

If one of your bartenders can make a fancy drink in less than 20 seconds, film it and share it with your followers. Maybe one of your servers knows how to fold fancy napkin designs. Share that too. There are endless possibilities when it comes to how-to’s, and it allows your employees to become part of your restaurant’s success outside of performing grunt work. Spectacles can show you how to make the workplace more fun, and in the end, that’s one aspect that employees tend to cling to the most.


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