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It’s All Good—The New Positive Restaurant Review Site

We know all too well the power of online reviews. Get a positive review from an influencer and prepare for a barrage. Experience a negative review, and, no matter your response, it may very well affect traffic.

For this reason, it’s with great pleasure that we share the new restaurant review platform, It’s Good. Who’s behind this wonderful new online review system? None other than singer John Legend and his tech partner, Mike Rosenthal.

A Place for Recommendations

Unlike other platforms, It’s Good only allows people to share positive experiences. And not everyone can opt-in their two cents worth. Users must be invited and fall into the category of chef, influencer, foodie, or celebrity. Despite these restrictions, the creators are committed to providing a diverse user pool to ensure credibility. These people share recommendations on food, experiences, and travel.

The Incentive Behind It’s Good

Many people in the industry have stated their dislike of review sites. In particular, are those reviews that bear little resemblance to the actual experience. As we all know, how we feel inside bears a strong resemblance to what we see on the outside. 

If a customer’s having a great day and orders your signature dish, they may rave about it online. Had that same person ordered the dish on a day they’d lost their job, their taste buds may have found it bland and not worth coming back for.

The problem is that these reviews remain, no matter the source. And they have a greater effect on a restaurant’s success or failure than they warrant. Not only do they affect potential customers, but they also carry weight in the online ranking on search engines. According to Restaurant Technology News, chefs commonly refer to sites like Yelp as a “garbage fire.”

And that’s the incentive behind It’s Good. It’s an online review site that’s designed to provide recommendations instead of complaints.

In the Works

It’s Good is currently in a limited beta stage and hasn’t quite made it to the public market. In a pre-seed round of funding, it received $5 million from Lightspeed Venture Partners. While their initial focus is building a loyal user base, potential revenue streams may come from brand collaborations or reservation commissions, according to Restaurant Technology News. Other investors include entrepreneur Jessica Alba and restaurateur David Chang.

When Legend spoke at The Wall Street Journal’s Tech Live conference, he shared that the app was a reaction, in part, to the negativity found on the internet. “It’s actually not even built for negative comments. Either you recommend it or you don’t.” 

The app is set up so that users can save their favorite places and create wish lists for places they want to go. Then, they can share these lists with friends, followers, and family. 

Another Online Review App Entering the Market

You may have heard of Atmosfy, an app that’s turned into a popular short-form video strategy. Users can leave immersive video reviews of their dining and nightlife experiences. The company raised $12 million, suggesting a solid base of believers. 

Currently, they support over 1 million businesses in about 10,000 cities around the world. Since “a picture is worth a thousand words,” this review method seems more credible than other sites. Then again, there’s always AI editing.


Are reviews important for a restaurant?

Yes. A recent survey found that 76% of people regularly read online reviews. Over 55% of potential guests visit a business’s website after reading a positive review. Positive reviews can boost revenue, attract new guests, and increase customer loyalty. Negative reviews can translate to fewer people trying out your establishment and reduced revenue.

How do I get more reviews for my restaurant?

According to that same survey, over 80% of consumers will likely leave a positive review if they feel that a business provided an exceptional experience, going above and beyond. Providing this experience, interacting with customers on your online platforms, and asking are three great ways to increase your online reviews.

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