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Get Inspired—10 Restaurant Magazines and Books to Read in 2022

At EMERGING, we partner with restaurants and entertainment concepts, helping them develop their expansion plans and attain success by setting the appropriate supply chain, labor, and financial strategies. For clients and restauranteurs looking to expand their enterprise and take their establishments to the next level, knowledge is key. As Sir Francis Bacon said, “Knowledge itself is power.” 

In the restaurant business, there seems to be a never-ending need to stay abreast of the latest trends, challenges, and best practices for successful restaurant management. So to help you in your endeavors and light a flame that sometimes dwindles into a spark, we thought we’d share some of the best resources in the restaurant industry. Whether looking to ignite your creativity or simply run your business better, these resources, which come from some of the best in the business, can help. 

Restaurant Books

  • Restaurant Success by the Numbers, Second Edition: A Money-Guy’s Guide to Opening the Next New Hot Spot

Roger Fields, a one-time accountant who became a restauranteur, knows the critical numbers that lead to a restaurant’s success. In this book, you’ll find the specifics, such as how to choose a location, hire your staff, make a menu, funding options, and turn a profit. He covers operating budgets and forecasts, showing operators how to achieve success in that all-important first year. This book includes real-life start-up stories for information and inspiration. 

  • Setting the Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business

This classic bestselling hospitality book comes from Danny Meyer, the CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group and founder of Shake Shack. What began at the age of 27 now includes some of New York’s most acclaimed restaurants, including Gramercy Tavern, Maialino, The Modern, and more. Meyer shares his winning philosophy called “Enlightened Hospitality,” which emphasizes hospitality toward staff and customers. 

  • How to Rock Restaurant Management

This book for restaurant managers covers building an effective team, practical leadership skills, time management, guest relations, and reducing employee turnover. 

  • The Restaurant Manager’s Handbook: How to Set Up, Operate, and Manage a Successful Food Service Operation

The fifth wholly revised edition of this best-selling book on running a successful operation includes case studies from professionals in the field. Topics incorporate branding, effective layout, menu planning, food sourcing, food safety, technology, digital marketing, and recent trends. With over 1,000 pages, some consider this informative book the go-to resource for aspiring restauranteurs. Additional books by Douglas Robert Brown include The Professional Caterer’s Handbook, The Encyclopedia of Restaurant Training, and The Food Service Professional Guide to Controlling Restaurant & Food Service Operating Costs

  • How to Start, Run & Grow a Successful Restaurant Business: A Lean Startup Guide

This is a great book for those new to the restaurant industry. Author Tim Hoffman offers a complete guide to starting your own restaurant, including cost, writing a business plan, legal concerns, how to staff your business and marketing tools. 

Restaurant Magazines 

For the many of you who wonder how you’re going to find time to read a chapter, let alone a whole book on the art of management and restaurant ownership, this list is for you. We’ve compiled several restaurant and food and beverage magazines that allow you to check out helpful articles in your spare time, staying up on the latest restaurant trends, new technology advancements, and changes in menu design. 

  • Restaurant Business

This is one of the best reads for staying abreast of changes in the industry, particularly for larger restaurants and those with multiple units. This leading publication highlights topics covering all aspects of the restaurant business, including marketing, menu development, and finance. 

  • Nation’s Restaurant News

NRN creates content specifically for the food service industry. Articles range from technology trends to creating extraordinary experiences, making wine sustainable, and maximizing the digital landscape. 

  • Food & Wine Magazine

While this magazine is directed toward your customers, it offers keen insight into the food, wine, and restaurants making the news. You’ll also find recipes, travel suggestions, and wine reviews. 

  • Modern Restaurant Management

MRM covers just about every corner of the industry, including operations, marketing, management, and the guest experience. They also feature guest writers who keep readers abreast of different aspects of restaurant enterprises. 

  • Saveur Magazine

We know that the current trend toward authentic, regional cooking with unique flavors is not going away any time soon. Saveur offers a glimpse into food and drink trends around the world, including recipes and travel. 

This list represents a few of the many resources that restauranteurs have at their disposal. Catching up on some of the latest happenings in the industry helps you keep your pulse on the current trends and offers sometimes needed inspiration. 


What is the most popular food magazine?

Several food magazines take the top spot in the culinary world. These include Bon Appetit, Food Network, Taste of Home, Food & Wine, and Cook’s Illustrated. All of them have recipes as well as the latest culinary trends.

What magazine do chefs read?

The answer to that question is as distinct as the multitude of chefs and their culinary creations. A few of the many include Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, and Saveur.  

Who owns Nation’s Restaurant News?

NRN is part of The Restaurant & Food Group by Informa Connect. This business-to-business media group acquired NRN in 2016. In 2019, NRN won the Jesse H. Neal award for Best Media Brand and has over 60,000 monthly subscribers. 

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