DoorDash Self-Delivery

In-house delivery software platform VROMO has now partnered with DoorDash to improve the restaurant’s experience of DoorDash Self-Delivery. Self-Delivery is a product catered to restaurants who want to use in-house delivery staff instead of Doordash’s delivery team. 

What is Doordash Self-Delivery? 

Restaurants can list their offerings on the DoorDash or Caviar website while continuing to use their in-house fleet. For those businesses that prefer to have end-to-end quality control and have existing infrastructure, this is an optimal way to maintain a presence in the app marketplace while paying a reduced fee. Through Self-Delivery, restaurants can customize delivery zones and fees based on their needs, and 100% of tips are distributed to the in-house fleet. DoorDash maintains 

VROMO partnership

Restaurants can integrate Irish startup VROMO’s technology within their Self-Delivery experience to improve the management of online orders and deliveries via POS. One feature that may be of special interest for restaurants with limited fleets is Overflow. Overflow allows restaurants to dispatch an extra Doordash courier during times of peak demand. Doordash courier can also be used as a supplement to Self-Delivery, by expanding the delivery zone. 

Doordash Drive

On the other end of the spectrum, DoorDash Drive is a white-label delivery service for orders placed through the restaurant’s native website, app, or other platforms (outside of DoorDash). Restaurants pay a flat fee per order and DoorDash manages all logistics. 


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