Marketing Your Restaurant on Facebook & Instagram

Without a doubt, social media is an effective method for marketing your restaurant, with Facebook and Instagram two of the most popular platforms. Restaurants use these platforms to build their brand’s image, attract new customers, engage with existing guests, and increase traffic to their websites for conversions, whether restaurant reservations or takeout orders. 

But if you’re not a social media whiz, where do you start? It’s easy to put off the unknown and tackle the many tasks you’re familiar with. But if not now, then when? As Jim Rohn said, “To make progress you must actually get started. The key is to take a step today.” 

So, let’s get out the keyboard and start posting!

Strengthening Your Presence on Facebook

Posting regular content is the key to maintaining an active presence. You also want to schedule your posts at a time related to the topic. For instance, if you’re announcing you’ll be open for brunch, post in the morning. If you’ve started a new happy hour, send it out toward the end of the day.

You can plan ahead with content by creating posts and stories and scheduling them on the Meta Business Suite desktop. Here are the steps: 

  1. Go to Meta Business Suite
  2. Go to Content or Planner
  3. Click Create Post
  4. Choose if you want to schedule your post for Facebook, Instagram, or both
  5. You may have to connect your Instagram account to the Meta Business Suite desktop
  6. Click Schedule and Publish

This approach ensures your content goes out on a regular basis, ideally at least three times each week.

Go Video

After Facebook, YouTube is the most popular social media platform. This growing trend makes it clear that video-based content is a strong calling card. Do you have anyone in your organization who has one of those magnetic auras and personalities? They may make a great spokesperson for your restaurant. 

They can interview your chef and video him making one of your popular signature dishes. Set up a space for planting fresh herbs and include your digital friends in the process. Are you planning on updating your outdoor patio with plants and lights? Take before and after videos. Are you adding a signature craft cocktail? Videotape it in the making. There are a myriad of daily activities that you can make interesting with the right person behind the lens.

Of course, not every targeted market is video crazy. A good experiment is to post text, graphic, and video posts and see which ones get the most views and engagement.

Creating an Engaging Digital Presence

Building your community requires two-way conversations. One way to engage customers is to ask them questions and get their opinions. Are you thinking about adding a new menu item? Take a picture, post it, and ask their opinion. Ask for their feedback when considering making changes, ask them for reviews, ask them to share their experiences. As you can see, the key is to “ask.”

Competitions are also great ways to engage your growing fan base. Consider asking guests to share photos of their meals or party at your restaurant. The best photo or the most likes wins the prize. Make sure they tag the restaurant. Hashtags and geotags maximize your visibility, helping potential customers find you and attracting local diners. 

You can offer an incentive. For instance, if you share this post, you can use the link below to take off XX%. You can also integrate or Slice on your Facebook page, enabling customers to place their orders right from the social media platform.

One of the most important aspects of creating an engaging presence is to retain your authenticity and voice. Is your voice educational? Friendly and funny? Make sure to select your voice and stick to it; it will become part of your brand. Also, consider your story, whether based on sustainability or preparing food and using ingredients passed down from generations or a specific region. 

Listen to your community and always provide feedback. 

Life in the Digital Age

Instagram and Facebook are more than digital media platforms. They’re dynamic spaces where you can exchange experiences, elicit emotional responses, and come to life.

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