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Are You Listening To These Food Podcasts?

The podcast market is saturated, so how do you decide which ones are actually worth listening to?  I did some research, and below are my findings, but first, my criteria. I don’t like podcasts that are longer than an hour; I actually prefer under 40 minutes.  I can appreciate a good deep-dive, but for a weekly rotation, I want my podcasts in digestible chunks. Secondly, the topics have to be compelling and the host has to be engaging; if I’m bored in the first few minutes, I’m moving on.  And that’s about it! So let’s get started.

The Popular One:

Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Radio:  NPR has a strong podcast presence, and the food space is no exception.  This is a weekly podcast hosted by chef Christopher Kimball. I like this podcast for its variety.  There are about 3 different topics covered in each episode, including a listener Q&A. If you’re a professional, you may not be learning any cooking tips you don’t already know, but hearing experts talk about their specialties is interesting.  Verdict: Listen to this podcast while you’re relaxing on your day off with a cup of coffee. 

The Specific One:

Heritage Radio Network: Heritage Radio Network isn’t a podcast itself, but it’s a station that produces only food content.  They have a podcast about food media (The Feedfeed), a podcast about building a consumer brand (In the Sauce), and even a podcast dedicated to cereal (it’s called…wait for it…Cereal).  And the list goes on. And on. Heritage Radio Network is the one-stop-shop for all your food/beverage/industry interests. There’s something for everyone. Verdict: Listen to Heritage Radio Network when your podcast rotation feels stale and you’re looking to try something new.  

The Informative Ones:

Build a Better Restaurant with Peter Harman: This is not a fancy podcast, but I found the topics relevant. Peter Harman sometimes promotes his own business endeavors during the episodes, but, overall, this podcast is great for getting direct, actionable advice from a successful restaurateur.  Verdict: Listen to this podcast if you’re having a specific problem you’re trying to work out.  

Secret Sauce: The Restaurant Marketing Podcast : This is an Australian podcast that focuses on restaurant marketing.  Episodes range from trend reports to lists of tips to help your restaurant implement a successful marketing strategy.  While I enjoyed listening to this podcast for the useful information it provided, it earned extra points for the host, Jame Eling’s, Australian accent.  Verdict: Listen to this podcast for an international take on the restaurant industry. 

The Quirky One: 

Richard’s Famous Food Podcast:  I like this podcast because it’s fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously; one episode is just a three-minute long bit making food puns based on the names of stand-up comedians.  Other episodes are mini-deep dives on a specific food, like bone broth, while another episode is just titled “Mish Mosh.” Verdict: Listen to this podcast on-the-go if you need a pick-me-up.  

food and beverage
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