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Restaurants Capitalize on the Florida Summer Season

As the summer season approaches, restaurateurs in Florida are gearing up for the influx of tourists and locals looking to enjoy the beautiful weather and delicious cuisine that the Sunshine State offers. The current trends show that Florida will continue to experience higher tourism levels than pre-pandemic. With so many dining options, standing out from the competition and attracting diners to your establishment can be challenging. 

Offer Seasonal Specials For Tourists

Summer is the perfect time to showcase your restaurant’s creativity by featuring seasonal specials. Tourists often look for quintessentially “Florida” dishes, attract this out-of-town crowd by elevating these or adding your unique twist on a classic. By using a menu optimization software, F&B Insights, you can access the largest menu database of market pricing information to give you a heads start updating and pricing your summer menu. You can also access exclusive supplier rewards and training for your staff by selecting key items or ingredients. 

Create a Fun Atmosphere

Summer is all about fun, and diners are looking for a restaurant that can offer them a memorable experience. According to a survey by the National Restaurant Association, 62% of diners say a fun atmosphere is important when choosing a restaurant. Consider hosting special events, themed nights or adding live music to create a fun and festive atmosphere. For example, you might host a weekly seafood boil or a backyard BBQ night. By offering a unique and exciting experience, diners will more likely choose your restaurant over the competition.

Promote Your Outdoor Dining Options

Florida summers are known for their beautiful weather, and diners want to enjoy it by dining al fresco. According to a survey conducted by OpenTable, 68% of diners say outdoor dining is important when choosing a restaurant. If your restaurant has an outdoor dining area, promote it heavily. Ensure your outdoor seating area is comfortable and well-lit, and consider adding fun elements like outdoor games or a live music performer. Creating a comfortable and inviting outdoor dining area can attract diners looking to enjoy the summer weather while dining out.

Ensure Proper Staffing

The ongoing labor shortage poses significant challenges for Florida restaurants as they prepare for the bustling summer months. This shortage has made it increasingly difficult to find qualified and experienced individuals to fill crucial positions. Without adequate staffing, restaurants may face understaffed shifts, longer wait times, and compromised service quality, which can lead to dissatisfied customers and potential revenue loss. It is imperative for Florida restaurants to proactively address staffing. EMERGING’s Target Workforce can help restauranteurs find the highest quality, trained staff in time for the busy summer months. By prioritizing staffing needs and ensuring teams are adequately trained and prepared, Florida restaurants can maximize their potential during the busy summer months, leaving a lasting impression on guests and fostering a strong reputation for exceptional dining experiences.

Market to Hotels and Resorts

One effective way to reach many potential customers is to market your restaurant to local hotels and resorts. Visitors staying at hotels and resorts are often looking for dining options that are conveniently located and offer a great experience. Contact local hotel and resort concierges to promote your restaurant’s menu and services. You could offer special discounts or packages for hotel guests or even partner with hotels and resorts to provide catering services for events and conferences. By marketing to hotels and resorts, you can tap into a captive audience of potential customers and increase your restaurant’s visibility locally.

Leverage Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool that can help restaurants attract new customers. According to a survey by Toast, a restaurant management platform, 78% of diners say that social media influences their restaurant choices. Use platforms like Instagram and Facebook to showcase your restaurant’s summer specials, events, and outdoor dining options. If you can create an iconic photo backdrop, promote it by partnering with local influencers or bloggers. It is incredible what people will do for a good photo. By leveraging social media, you can reach a wider audience, especially tourists from out of town, and generate buzz about your restaurant.

The summer months represent some of the most lucrative for restaurants in Florida. By implementing these strategies, your restaurant can better capitalize on the popular season.

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