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We’re Proud to Announce Our First Issue of EMERGING Magazine

As 2022 comes to a close, we thought it the perfect time to announce EMERGING Magazine, our new digital magazine that showcases today’s leading restaurant and entertainment concepts. Our magazine is all about the restaurant industry, offering tips for expansion plans, increasing profits, and keeping up with the ever-evolving trends and challenges. We also highlight the leading brands that are taking our industry into the experiential realm—a space of excitement, opportunities, and possibilities.

Our first premiere issue came out this month, and we’re excited to share it with you! So here’s a quick glimpse into what you’ll find among the 54 pages that make up EMERGING Magazine’s first issue. 

Entertainment Concepts Expanding Across the U.S.

We’ve touched base on a few of Adam Breeden’s ventures in our recent posts. If you’ve delved into the world of restaurant entertainment concepts, you’ve undoubtedly heard his name mentioned. He’s the creative founder and co-founder behind brands like Puttshack, Flight Club, FI Arcade, Bounce, Hijingo, and All Star Lanes.

His brands center around immersive competitive socializing and globally-inspired food and beverages. Recently, Flight Club, a social darts concept, opened its largest location on the Las Vegas Strip. Puttshack, an upscale tech-infused mini-golf experience, opened new units in Miami and Boston Seaport. London saw the opening of F1 Arcade, an F1 racing simulation experience.

EMERGING Concepts uses data analytics to help these brands expand nationally, reducing risks and maximizing returns while scoping out the best sites based on extensive data. 

Operational Tips

You’ll also find a few operational strategies and tips within the magazine’s pages. These include increasing your restaurant’s profits without raising prices and the latest advancements in restaurant reservation management. Tablz is an up-and-coming 3D booking experience that enables restaurants to maximize earnings on every table.

On page 34, explore the technology trends to watch for in 2023. If we learned anything from the pandemic, it was to be prepared for the unexpected and to let technology lend us a helping hand. While we, as an industry, were starting to lean a little more toward tech, the pandemic made us take the leap and overcome our fears in the process.

For those considering expanding in 2023, take a look at the 6 Best Cities for New Restaurants. You’ll also find a write-up on Biscuit Belly, a multi-location concept with national expansion plans.

Are you ready to take your restaurant’s experience level up a notch? Head to page 42 for industry insights on creating a unique dining experience. Even better? Check out our delicious recipe for Butterscotch Bourbon Milk Punch. Yum! 


Learn about the EMERGING Fund, the only fund led by successful restaurant and ResTech founders. This fund allows restaurant tech startups to test and refine products and enables restaurants to gain operational advantages.

Mathew Focht, Our CEO

Mathew’s been busy. He’s the founder of EMERGING, EMERGING Concepts, EMERGING Capital Partner, and the co-founder of Consolidated Concepts, Acutely, and F&B Insights. What do all these brands have in common? A passion for the restaurant industry and those involved in it. 

When he saw his restaurant clients struggling with labor issues, he co-founded Target Workforce, a proprietary technology that has revolutionized how restaurants hire. It uses advanced geo-location to connect restaurants with the highest quality restaurant workers in their area. 

When Mathew witnessed the challenges that rising prices and inflationary pressures caused, he co-founded F&B Insights. One of the features found in the platform is nationwide market intelligence and menu pricing, helping restaurants raise their prices without affecting demand. 

EMERGING is a strategic partner working with today’s leading restaurant and entertainment concepts, with real estate, data science, supply chain, revenue, finance, and hiring divisions. To learn more about joining our team or to schedule a consultation, contact EMERGING

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