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The Spring Edition of EMERGING Magazine

Explore Unique Entertainment Concepts and the Minds of Successful Entrepreneurs

Spring has arrived, and with it comes our second edition of EMERGING Magazine! Here, you’ll explore the industry’s top restaurant and entertainment concepts, like the Museum of Ice Cream, a world-famous attraction, and a multi-sensory experience. Within its pages, you’ll also find interviews with industry leaders, investment strategies, and how customer personas help restaurants strategically expand.

On page 6, you can catch a glimpse of our team members, the data scientists, real estate experts, and restaurant business professionals that help our clients fulfill and exceed their goals in this challenging and exciting industry. 

Let’s look at a few of the topics you’ll uncover in the Spring Edition of EMERGING Magazine.

The Museum of Ice Cream

Business Insider described this unique museum to a tee, “Museum of Ice Cream is a Willy Wonka Factory come to life that you won’t want to leave.” Designed to inspire and excite the senses, it started as a pop-up in 2016, capturing the public’s imagination and selling out—that’s about 30,000 tickets—in under a week. 

Today, you can take part in these immersive experiences in New York City, Austin, Singapore, Chicago, and Shanghai. Each museum offers unique playgrounds, tunnels made up of 10,000 multi-colored bananas, and much more. And, of course, ice cream.

Rooftop Cinema Club

If you haven’t yet experienced your favorite movie on a rooftop, you owe it to yourself, and your friends and family, to explore Gerry Cottle’s brainchild. Rooftop Cinema Club is an open-air film experience, screening classic cult and recent releases on rooftops across America and in London. Enjoy the stars and city skylines, cozy blankets and comfy deckchairs, and innovative street food with craft cocktails. There are currently nine locations in the U.S. and growing. 

EMERGING is proud to partner with these leading entertainment concepts, helping them successfully expand by evaluating the best real estate opportunities for their unique concepts and target markets. 

Exploring Customer Personas

Do you know the benefits of customer personas? They help target your marketing efforts, enhance the customer experience, expand successfully, and more. Learn about these dynamic profiles and how they foster a customer-centric approach to decision-making. 

Interview with Industry Leaders

Do you ever wonder what prompted relatively sane people to get into this business? Or the steps they took to garner true success? Learn about the backgrounds and motivations of some of the top players, including Padma Rao, Getty Cottle, and Nick Hogan. 

The New Hot Girls Drink

Go ahead, guess. Cosmopolitan? Unicorn Cocktail? Negroni? If you guessed the latter, you were close. While these drinks may all fall in the category of the most popular cocktails in 2023, you may be surprised at what’s been dubbed the “Hot Girls” drink. It’s vermouth and soda. If you want to join the crowd, check out our recipe on page 47.

EMERGING Capital Partners

Are you ready to take your restaurant or entertainment concept to the next level? EMERGING is a trusted strategic partner investing in today’s brands and connecting owners to industry leaders. Our partners include operators, owners, marketers, developers, suppliers, investors, and real estate professionals.

Learn about pre-investment strategies, including customer demographics, competitive analysis, supply chain assessment, and more. Then, we journey to post-investment procedures, using big data, targeted marketing, and our real estate connections to develop expansion plans, negotiate leases, and improve the customer experience through knowledgeable staff. 

Investing with an Industry Insider

Learn what to look for in an investor, including partnerships versus money lenders and mentors. Some offer a hands-off approach that appeals to brands with extensive experience in the field. Alternatively, industry insiders that offer their expertise can help forming brands navigate supply chain challenges, gain advice from an operational viewpoint, and help build sustainable growth. Learn about the different investor relationships on page 38. 

At EMERGING, we coordinate the execution of your business strategies in real estate, supply chain, data science, finance, and labor, offering unprecedented value from one platform. To learn more about joining our team or to schedule a consultation, contact EMERGING.

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