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A Closeup Look at Our Client: Biscuit Belly

While restaurant traffic fell in the second quarter of 2022, breakfast purchases remained unchanged year-to-date. In fact, the breakfast daypart has experienced the fastest comeback in sales growth in April 2022 compared to a year ago, outperforming late-night sales for the first time since March 2021. According to Mintel, just over 50% of adults reported eating breakfast out of their homes in early 2022. No longer are consumers grabbing a pastry on their way to work. Instead, today’s guests are looking for healthy and unusual breakfasts along with their globally inspired dinners.  At EMERGING, we work with leading restaurant and entertainment concepts, offering a strategic partnerships in supply chains, real estate, labor, and finance. One of the breakfast concepts we partner with, Biscuit Belly, has taken this appetite for breakfast and delivered its own unique take—an innovative Southern comfort brunch centered around chef-driven gourmet biscuit breakfast sandwiches. And it’s working!

The Beginnings

Biscuit Belly, a Kentucky-based brand, opened its doors in 2019. Owners Lauren and Chad Coulter realized there was no place where they could enjoy brunch with family and friends that felt like home and included good food and drinks. From that realization, Biscuit Belly was born. It’s the definition of Southern cooking for brunch lovers accompanied by Southern hospitality.  The brand has been franchising since 2020 and has become a rapid success in its home state. The first franchised location opened in Lexington, Kentucky. They currently have three locations in Kentucky, with another one coming soon. Evansville, Indiana, and Acworth, Georgia, are the fortunate out-of-state cities where residents get to enjoy Biscuit Belly’s unique take on Southern cooking. They plan to get 15 additional locations into the pipeline, bringing their total sites in the development stage to 35. 

The Popular Menu

So, you may wonder, what’s all the fuss about? The Coulters, in their infinite wisdom, brought renowned executive chef Tavis Rockwell on board. The goal? Create an innovative brunch menu comprised of Southern favorites with a unique spin. After three months of perfecting their mouthwatering proprietary biscuit recipe, it was ready for their guests.  The elevated breakfast menu consists of a variety of fried chicken and brisket biscuit sandwiches, sausage and cheddar stuffed tater tots, fried green tomatoes, pancake corndogs, and more. Vegetarians and gluten-free diners will be happy to hear they’ve been included in the menu considerations. An unusual offering in this segment and one that has probably contributed to their success is their full offering of breakfast cocktails, including Kentucky Coffee with a dash of bourbon, RumChata Latte, Tequila Sunrise, and Maple Old Fashioned.  At EMERGING, our team of data scientists, analysts, real estate experts, and creative restaurant entrepreneurs are excited to be a part of this brand’s rapid growth and continued expansion. As a solutions-focused enterprise, we help clients develop goals and achieve them by identifying opportunities and overcoming obstacles. This includes using data analysis to create strategic expansion plans, negotiating and securing leases, and developing new cost-saving contracts in supply chain management. To learn more about our unique strategies or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact EMERGING today. 


Should your restaurant start serving breakfast? Generally, breakfast foods have a strong potential for a high-profit margin. However, not every restaurant is set up for success in this segment. A few things to consider include the demand in your area. How is the competition, and are you situated in a space that promotes people stopping by on their way to work? Some restaurants start with a weekend brunch when demand is usually peak. Today’s labor challenges should also be considered when expanding hours.  How big is the market for breakfast and lunch? Breakfast has seen some of the strongest growth in traffic. As restaurants consider unique offerings, we expect this demand to continue. It’s also important to remember that when the economic recession of 2008 hit, going out to dinner proved unaffordable for some guests, prompting them to go to restaurants for breakfast.

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