EMERGING Magazine’s Summer Edition is Here

EMERGING Magazine’s summer edition is just in time for the last big hurrah of summer! Discover the most recent innovations in the restaurant industry, from technology helping operators advance in the ever-changing arena of online ordering to the latest trends in social entertainment. 

Would you like tips on reducing risks and increasing profits when expanding your brand? How about a look at the most popular drink of summer? Let’s catch a glimpse into a few of the hot topics you’ll explore in this complimentary issue that interviews the top players and catches you up on what’s happening in the restaurant industry in the summer of 2023.

Social Entertainment & Competitive Socializing

If there were ever catchphrases for our industry in 2023, social entertainment and competitive socializing would win the honorary title. Almost every brand is exploring unique and enviable ways to enhance the guest experience. Research from Cushman & Wakefield shows competitive socializing is growing at an incredible rate, over 385% since the start of 2021. And there are those that have invented the ultimate guest experience by combining competitive socializing with global food trends, a winning combo. 

Within these pages, you’ll find Immersive Gamebox, interactive smart rooms that create an extraordinary immersive gaming experience. F1 Arcade, founded by Adam Breeden in conjunction with Formula 1 racing, will enter the U.S. market in early 2024. Batbox, an immersive baseball simulator experience, is finding its way into restaurants and sports bars nationwide.

Managing the Changing Take Out & Delivery Experience

Delivery and digital ordering have grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic since 2014. Some would call that crazy. For many restauranteurs, it is an overwhelming struggle as they manage multiple delivery platforms and digital ordering. 

On page 24, discover Chowly, a ResTech brand that’s helping restaurants cope with this changing landscape.

Labor Woes

Despite the signs of some relief in the labor shortage, many restaurants are still faced with deciding between closed sections or reduced hours to ensure the optimum guest experience. If that sounds familiar, head to page 32 for a look at Target Workforce, a proprietary technology revolutionizing how restaurants find well-trained, high-quality staff.

Unfortunately, our industry’s labor woes aren’t just about a shortage of qualified employees. For much of our history, getting employees excited and fired up has been a struggle, with long hours and customer expectations taking their toll. In many instances, training was placed on the back burner or found in an unread five-page handout. If that sounds familiar, you’ll find the interview with Sam Caucci, creator of 1Huddle, very intriguing. 

Trending Summer Drinks

Are you curious about what beverages are drawing in the crowds? How about the number one drink of summer, according to Google Trends? Page 34 has all the answers.

Florida’s Newest Hotspots

Staying abreast of the competition is always a good idea in any business. In the restaurant industry, it’s vital. We all know a restaurant or two that was at the top of the heap one year only to find they’d been replaced by a rising superstar the next. 

In Florida, there are over 41,300 restaurants, and more arrive almost daily. Explore some of the newest and most popular concepts in “Florida’s Summer Restaurant Scene in 2023.”

Expansion Plans

Whether you’re considering expanding operations now or in the future, today’s data analytics is the key to selecting the right real estate and neighborhood. On page 44, you’ll find the secrets behind a neighborhood analysis and how these help restauranteurs minimize risks and maximize profits. Gain an understanding of competitive analysis, predictive analytics, and neighborhood demographics.

At Emerging Concepts, our team is made up of real estate experts, data analysts, and industry professionals. Together, we help our partners formulate strategic expansion plans, evaluate real estate opportunities across the country, and negotiate with developers and landlords.

We’re excited to share our EMERGING Magazine’s summer edition, designed to bring you valuable insights and inspiration. EMERGING works with top restaurant and entertainment concepts, coordinating the execution of business strategies in real estate, supply chain, data science, finance, and labor, offering unprecedented value from one platform. To explore the possibilities or schedule a consultation, contact EMERGING

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