Boston Based EMERGING Fund Cooks Up $54M Investment for Restaurant Tech and Innovation

By Benjamin Cortez Published on October 18, 2023 – hoodline

Buyers Edge Platform founder and CEO John Davie, alongside  Mathew Focht, have launched the Emerging Fund, a venture  capital platform poised to bolster unique ideas and  technological progress in the restaurant industry. 

The Emerging Fund has been established to provide  burgeoning entrepreneurs in restaurant operation, restaurant  technology and social entertainment sectors with capital, 

strategic growth strategies, guidance and industry links, as  per the Boston Business Journal

Both Davie and Focht have shown a keen interest to deeply  merge technology, and the restaurant industry. 

Through their involvement with rapidly growing businesses like  Puttshack, F1 Arcade and Boston restaurant tech provider  Toast, this interest is evident. 

Davie’s brainchild, Buyers Edge Platform is a recognized player  in the realm, assisting foodservice customers by offering help  with understanding data, using technology, purchasing power  and expertise from its inception in 1998. 

With the current funds of $54 million, the Emerging Fund aims  to raise a further $46 million, as revealed by the Boston  Business Journal. Among the entities invested in this capital  venture’s portfolio are brands like Flight Club, Puttshack, F1  Arcade, Tablz and Overproof. 

Standing out from your average private equity fund, the  Emerging Fund places a significant emphasis on  entrepreneurship. It boasts 45 limited partners, with 34 being  entrepreneurs from the restaurant or food tech industry which  allows the fund to leverage expert knowledge, and industry  insight. Initial investments are set to range from $50,000 to $5  million with the potential for follow-up rounds to reach up to  $10 million per investment, as noted in an NBC Boston report.  The fund’s focus will be to support early-stage companies  seeking funds through seed to Series B.

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