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Inspiration: The Newest Entertainment Hotspots in the Restaurant Industry

We’ve discussed the trend toward restaurant entertainment as a defining element that the newest generations search out. But what exactly is restaurant entertainment? While great food, good service, and high-resolution music drifting through your establishment were, at one time, enough. Times have changed.

Today, brands incorporate social competition, sporting events, massive 4K digital displays, and much more. They’re creating unique concepts found nowhere else and appealing to the adventurous spirit of the millennials. These pioneers break stereotypes and create sensations. 

Let’s explore a few of the many varied entertainment concepts sprouting up across the country. 

MainRo—Dubbed the New Exotic Hotspot in Hollywood

MainRo Restaurant has been defined as a supper club with a Vegas/Miami vibe. It offers an all-encompassing exciting and exotic atmosphere that fuses food, design, technology, and theater. 

The creators are Gianni Ranaulo, an Italian architect, and entrepreneur Romain Zago, who was made famous by his Mynt Lounge in Miami. He shared this about his latest concept with Forbes, “The concept of MainRo was blending my personal taste along with ideas into a world of innovations and technology while learning from my years of teachings in the nightlife and hospitality industry. With water being the focal point of the venue (where the letter O is synonymous to water in French) we envisioned a suspended O encasing the stage and Broadway-style stairs.”

Walking into MainRo can only be described as striking. The colors and architecture seem to encompass you, taking you to another world. Inside, you’ll find 16 triangle-shaped chandeliers and walls outfitted with ultra 4K digital mapped screens constructed of LEDs in the form of water droplets. This technology lets them change the ambiance with one touch, from candlelight dinners to an immersive, futuristic nightclub. 

“We are creating a modern and technological version of the Moulin Rouge, but the difference is that you are the star, and the show is happening in front, behind, and all around you.” Entertainment erupts wherever you are, whether acrobats or DJs playing music. The presentation of the food is sophisticated and elegant, with dishes ranging from Bluefin Toro Tartar with caviar to Wagyu Beef Sliders.

Bankroll—Philadelphia’s First Authentic Luxury Sports Entertainment Venue

Philadelphia’s Bankroll restaurant is another concept offering unrivaled audio-visual capabilities combined with fine dining, entertainment, and technology. Recently opened, about $25 million was spent in renovations that include the old Boyd Theater in the heart of Philly. About $3 million was spent just on tech. 

This luxurious sports bar includes a 9 x 25-foot TV over the bar in the Big Game Room and seats about 350 people in a myriad of seating areas. These include large social areas to private VIP spaces in the 13,000-square-foot entertainment viewing social experience. Digital odd boards and charging ports align with the concept, a venue designed for watching games while guests can bet on their mobile phones. Though not a sports-gaming parlor, an up-and-coming app will allow patrons to link to live events and sports partners, creating a seamless, social viewing experience, as reported by The Philadelphia Inquirer.  

Founder Paul Martino and Padma Rao, Bankroll’s chief executive, are excited about the possibilities and getting people engaged, encouraging more social interaction, and bringing people together through technology. The elegant, grand space is more than a place to view sporting events; it’s also where people gather to watch fun and popular shows, like The Bachelorette finale and the Oscars.

Puttshack and F1 Arcade

If you’re wondering why we’ve included these two different venues under one heading, it’s because they were both created by the same visionary—Adam Breeden, a man who’s developed the leading social entertainment concepts of our time. What do these enterprises have in common? Fun, sports, competition, and globally, the best-in-class inspired cuisine. 

Breeden partnered with Steven and Dave Jolliffe, the creators of Topgolf when developing Puttshack, the high-tech mini-golf social entertainment concept. Next in his sights is the F1 Arcade, a state-of-the-art F1 racing simulation experience brought to the world via an agreement with Formula 1. Currently operating in London, up to 30 locations are expected to roll out around the world in the next five years.

While these may be the extreme cases of restaurants offering an “experience,” they should instill a sense of possibilities for those who cater to this growing trend. At EMERGING, our data scientists and real estate experts help entertainment concepts expand, evaluating opportunities that effectively maximize returns while minimizing risks. To learn more about the possibilities or to schedule a consultation, contact EMERGING today.

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