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Emerging Concepts Joins Little Kitchen Academy as a Strategic Real Estate Partner

Emerging Concepts is excited to announce our partnership with Little Kitchen Academy, the first-of-its-kind Montessori-inspired cooking academy designed for kids ages 3-18. According to Robert Johnson, Vice President of Emerging Concepts, “We are thrilled to join Little Kitchen Academy in changing lives from scratch. Our team felt very inspired when we learned about Little Kitchen Academy’s desire to create more educated, mindful, and healthy communities globally. We are excited to use our expertise and experience to help the brand grow in the United States so we can share this incredible concept with more families in our communities across the country.”

Little Kitchen Academy teaches children and teens practical life skills through the lens of cooking, and Emerging Concepts will support them and their franchise partners in finding the ideal locations as they expand across the U.S. 

Let’s explore what this Academy offers our children and how Emerging Concepts will help this impactful brand expand its footprint.

Little Kitchen Academy: Inspiring Creativity and Confidence

Little Kitchen Academy’s vision is to create a more educated, independent, and healthier society by teaching children practical life skills and food literacy. The art of cooking also uses math, science, and time management.

The purpose-driven concept was founded by Felicity Curin, her husband Brian Curin, and social impact investor and entrepreneur Praveen Varshney. Felicity is a Montessori-trained culinary innovator, while Brian’s expertise lies in global branding, franchises, and entrepreneurship.

The Academy supports the growth and development of each child, creating the space for independent work. It enables students to learn at their own pace while acquiring skills that foster independence, confidence, and socialization. It also empowers students to make better food choices and apply the important concepts of composting and recycling. 

Brian Curin shared the importance of their partnership with Emerging Concepts. “Our partnership with Emerging Concepts is significant for so many reasons. Not only will it help us find the best locations for every Little Kitchen Academy in the U.S. market by taking advantage of Emerging Concepts’ data-driven approach to real estate, but it will also support our franchise partners in finding the right location, negotiating their lease, and getting their doors open faster so that more children can experience the gift of LKA!” 

Emerging Concepts: Bringing This Inspired Brand to More Children Across the U.S.

Emerging Concepts works with leading restaurant and entertainment concepts, finding the right locations as companies expand their brand. As Little Kitchen Academy’s real estate partner, Emerging Concepts is here to support its ambitious growth plans that include 126 U.S. locations in development through six franchise partners. We will also help them accelerate their growth through additional company-owned locations in strategic markets.

To accomplish this, our team of data scientists, data engineers, and analysts use predictive analytics and market positioning to find Little Kitchen Academy the best locations in key markets. From there, our real estate experts and business professionals work with developers and landlords, negotiating leases and positioning them in the most favorable but fair manner.

The Montessori Approach

Montessori education values a child’s physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development. One of the tenets they embrace at the Little Kitchen Academy is Dr. Maria Montessori’s Follow the Child. This translates to the thoughtful observation of the child, providing challenging work and attainable goals. They allow students to take safe risks and work at their own pace, developing independence and confidence along the way.

LKA offers an age-based curriculum that includes 3-hour cooking classes available year-round and seven days a week. They also provide special camps during the summer, winter, and spring breaks, and teach the concept of philanthropy through their How Can I Help program.

At Emerging Concepts, we’re excited to use our expertise to help bring this exciting concept to parents, students, and guardians across the U.S. To learn more about our process or to schedule a consultation, contact Emerging Concepts today.

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