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Should Your Restaurant Stay Open on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is steadily approaching and although it’s a special time of the year it can also be super hectic.  It is one of those holidays that can be difficult for those in the restaurant industry to know what to do with. The underlying question for restaurateurs is, should our restaurant stay open on Thanksgiving?  

While there is no right or wrong answer, we’ll help you ask yourself the right questions so you can decide whether or not it’s worth it for your establishment to stay open this November.

Have you analyzed your menu?

Does a Thanksgiving style meal fit into your brand? That’s a big factor of figuring out whether you want to stay open on Thanksgiving.  Is it possible to offer Thanksgiving specials in addition to keeping the regular menu? Fast food or casual restaurants are most likely not the experience or food type customers are looking for on Thanksgiving. You should assume plenty of your Thanksgiving Day guests would want the traditional Thanksgiving feast, and it’s up to you to decide if mixing your own brand with the Thanksgiving makes sense.

What is your competition doing?

If you’ve decided a Thanksgiving menu is possible to create from your menu and establishment, the next step is to look at what your competitors (especially those with similar clients) usually do for Thanksgiving.

Even if one competitor closes for Thanksgiving it doesn’t necessarily mean you should close (it could be an untapped opportunity), but if it seems that most restaurants in your area are not open for the holiday it might prove that it isn’t right for your market.

Did you think of a game plan?

Whether or not you decide to open your establishment on Thanksgiving, you need to have a plan in order. If you are opening make sure everyone working that day is updated regarding food and drink preparation. Your staff should be aware of any changes in the menu or different expectations for opening on a Holiday.

If you plan to open for Thanksgiving, you should be promoting that.  Start advertising as early as November 1 via social media, traditional print marketing, radio commercials, signage and updating your website. Many people check Google for updates about restaurants during the holidays.  Don’t forget to add your updated or special Thanksgiving menu to your listing and your website. On the other hand, if you’re closing for Thanksgiving, make sure you have that announcement on all of the proper platforms and inside of your restaurant.


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